Why Not Just Burn $50 Million and Then Flush the Ashes Down the Toilet?

December 26, 2009

Nice to know that the Bush Junta lives on:

Proponents of sex education classes that focus on encouraging teenagers to remain virgins until marriage are hoping that the rescue plan for the nation’s health care system will also save their programs, which are facing extinction because of a cutoff of federal funding.

The health care reform legislation pending in the Senate includes $50 million for programs that states could use.

Under the federal budget signed by President Barack Obama, such programs would no longer have funds targeted for them.

“We’re optimistic,” said Valerie Huber, of the National Abstinence Education Association, which is lobbying to maintain funding for the programs. “Nothing is certain, but we’re hopeful.”

The fact that there is any hope for these con artists to get their paws on any more of real people’s tax money shows just how far “hope” went.

Funding could be restored as part of the health reform package. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, won inclusion of an amendment in the Senate Finance Committee bill that would provide $50 million to states to use for abstinence programs, and the funding survived the version of the legislation that emerged from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

“I was as surprised as anyone to see abstinence-only education programs funded in the final Reid health care bill. There must have been some Democrats who wanted to see the abstinence-only language included,” Hatch said in a statement.

Or who get some skim.

Huber and other defenders disputed that studies had shown abstinence programs were ineffective.

Is that a surprise?  They also doubtlessly dispute the indisputable proof that that their book of fairy tales is, well, a bunch of fairy tales.

Dodd the Clod

December 25, 2009

The decaying members of the House of Lords Senate are whining about its members who still have warm flesh and a mesurable bloodflow:

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) on Wednesday ripped the Senate’s “newest members” for the lack of comity in the upper chamber.

In a floor speech Wednesday night, Dodd said there is “nothing wrong” with partisanship, but added he has “been deeply disturbed by some of the [healthcare] debate I have heard, usually from newer members, usually those who have been here one, two, three years, who do not have an appreciation of what this chamber means and how we work together.”

Dodd did not name names, and spokesmen for the Connecticut senator did not respond to requests for comment.

During his speech on Wednesday, Dodd repeatedly revisited his disappointment with the newest members of the Senate: “It is always the newest members who fail to understand how the Senate has worked for more than two centuries. We need to get back to that sense of civility once again … Even though we have had very strong disagreements, I never once in my life in this chamber ever questioned the patriotic intentions of any member … the idea you challenge another’s patriotism, honesty, their integrity, does a great disservice to this institution, in my view.”

Crooks and Liars is even more indelicate…

toward Dodd:

Yes, Sen. Dodd, the same Founders who were so angry over their treatment by the crown that they started a violent revolution were certainly much more concerned about manners. Tarring and feathering was simply an elaborate social ritual!

Sen. Dodd is upset about this, and rightfully so. It seems that Sen. Al Franken has this upsetting habit of demanding information from Republicans, and even mocking them when they evade him. One of them apparently went whining to Sen. Dodd and asked him to chastise the horrid Franken.

Dodd, for those who can’t remember – and, lucky for him, that’s most people – for all practical purposes inherited his Senate seat (though his daddy actually held the other one – the one now held by St. Joe LIEberman; Dodd himself occupies the one once held by Prescott Bush.)  Dodd is a member of Da Club – and questioning the veracity of a senator – even one from a party to whom ‘truth’ is deadlier than kryptonite is to Superman – is, is, is, is…………

well, its juuuuuuuust not done!

The lesson?

Scummy freshman senators who give a damn about not just their own constituents but the rest of the country, should just be good little drones and sit on their tuchuses for four terms until they can start getting billions of dollars in sweetheart deals for their states to build useless shit that no one wants and to give tax cuts to corporations that, were they doing during WWII what they’re doing now, would have long ago been charged with – and convicted of – treason.

How History Gets Perverted

December 24, 2009

The corporate media is willingly propagating the Tim Pawlenty re-creation interview.

Now, its the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Pawlenty was lauded by gay rights activists in 1993, when as a freshman Republican legislator, he supported adding sexual orientation to categories of employment, housing and other discrimination prohibited by state law. He has since said he regrets that vote, a position he reiterated to Newsweek’s Howard Fineman.

He went on to spell out a change he wants made in the statute: It should not outlaw discrimination against “things like cross-dressing, and a variety of other people involved in behaviors that weren’t based on sexual orientation, just a preference for the way they dressed and behaved.” He continued: “If you are a third-grade teacher and you are a man and you show up on Monday as Mr. Johnson and you show up on Tuesday as Mrs. Johnson, that is a little confusing to the kids. So I don’t like that.”

In fact, there’s no mention of cross-dressing in the definition of sexual orientation as it pertains to the state’s Human Rights Act. But Pawlenty’s utterances on the topic are bound to encourage gay rights opponents to mount an effort to make that 16-year-old anti-discrimination law less sweeping. With DFLers in charge at the Legislature, they won’t get far — but they could get far enough to force DFLers to cast politically sensitive election-year votes.

And just to save you the trouble of going over to the State of Minnesota’s website:

“Sexual orientation” means having or being perceived as having an emotional, physical, or sexual attachment to another person without regard to the sex of that person or having or being perceived as having an orientation for such attachment, or having or being perceived as having a self-image or identity not traditionally associated with one’s biological maleness or femaleness. “Sexual orientation” does not include a physical or sexual attachment to children by an adult.

Well, that highlighted portion is always referred to as the transgender clause – and transgender includes crossdressing, right?


That is where the language first entered the legal lexicon: as an amendment to a gay-only rights bill in the Minnesota House of Representatives on May 8, 1975.

The amendment failed – as did the entire bill.

But the language was added to the Minneapolis Civil Rights Ordinance later that year – and that modified definition became part of Minnesota state law in 1993…

and now The Paw is trying to squirm out from under the vote he cast for it…

…by using the gay transphobe game plan of demonizing all trans people by ignoring what more than a few gay men still do and coverting all known cases involving people who were transitioning into cases involving gender flip-flopping.

Interesting, though…

given that flip-flopping is exactly what The Paw is now doing.

The ENDABlog Xmas Special

December 23, 2009

Featuring guest stars Culturcide – and extra special dead guest star Michael Jackson:

Disgusting?  Yes.

But moreso than Kathie Lee Gifford or Jessica Simpson?  I think not.

Too Big to be Called Out as a Nazi-Enabler

December 23, 2009

From the Houston Chronk:

The Vatican sought Wednesday to quell its latest public dispute with Jewish groups, saying the pope’s decision to move Pope Pius XII closer to sainthood isn’t an act of hostility against those who say he didn’t sufficiently denounce the Holocaust.

C’mon – the Vatican doesn’t really do anything to stop the holocaust of child-rape that its men in black have foisted upon generations of the innocent ranks of its own faith.  Does anyone really believe that it gives – or gave – a damn about what happened to Jews?

Jewish groups have denounced the decision, noting that they had previously asked Benedict to suspend his cause until the Vatican archives on Pius’ pontificate are opened to outside scholars. The Vatican has said those archives won’t be catalogued and ready until 2014 at the earliest.

In its statement Wednesday, the Vatican confirmed that timeframe and said Benedict’s decision wasn’t intended to limit discussion on Pius’ decisions.

But it repeated that as far as it was concerned, Pius showed great “attention and preoccupation” over the fate of Jews….

Uh oh…

“attention and preoccupation”?

As if I needed another reason to hate Joe the Rat’s Pack.  It just gave Joe Solmonese new phraseology of nothingspeak  that he can spew at trans people when the ENDA reverts to the HRC-preferred, homosexually-pure language.

…Or Should it Be ‘Wal-Mart is the HRC of Retailers’?

December 23, 2009

From The Anchovy Daiquiri Shack:

This year, you can’t watch TV for twenty minutes without seeing a WalMart commercial that just screams “SIEG HEIL, CHRISTMAS!”. Better living through shaking hands with Chinese sweat shops and union busting/forbiddance/28 hrs. per week “full time” employee status.

Welcome to Stalag Bentonville f/k/a the United States of America.

And is Anyone Even Considering the Possibility that the System of Giving the Judge Total Control Over the Quality of Lawyer a Poor Defentant Gets is an Even Bigger Problem?

December 21, 2009

From the Houston Chronk:

Harris County Criminal Court-at-law Judge Donald Jackson on Monday was sentenced to 30 days in jail and two years’ probation following his conviction on a charge of official oppression for allegedly trying to strike up a relationship with a drunken driving defendant in his court.

Jackson, who was found guilty of the misdemeanor by a jury last Friday, also was ordered to perform 200 hours of community service, pay a $4,000 fine and take 25 hours of state-approved legal ethics courses for each of the next two years by state District Judge Mark Kent Ellis.

Ellis, who admonished Jackson, 60, for his actions, also ruled Jackson must leave the bench, pending appeal.

“You demean what it means to be a judge,” Ellis told Jackson. “We are all tarnished by your stupidity.”

He told Jackson his conduct put many people at risk, including his court employees and his family. The situation never should have happened, Ellis said.

The oppression charge stemmed from the DWI case of Ariana Venegas, 28, who accused Jackson of offering her a better court-appointed lawyer if she took up his offer of a romantic relationship that was “more than a one-night stand.” She testified last week that Jackson told her that if she was not interested in a relationship with him, she would be convicted because he was the judge on her case.

Most civilized criminal court systems have some form of organized public defender system. 

Yes, most of the lawyers in those organized PD offices are overworked and underpaid – but, generally speaking, whether or not they end up with your case doesn’t depend solely on their personal relationship with the judge.

That sound you hear is all of the condemned prisoners at Newgate spending their final hours attempting to cobble together a TARDIS to come to America of the 21st Century – to deal with a truly corrupt criminal ‘justice’ system.