How’s That 2017 Thang Workin’ For Ya Pee Wee?

Pam points to:

CNN Poll: Majority Don’t Think President Deserves Second Term

And, as she observes:

Who’s surprised at this news? Probably all of the people who keep telling us that they’d be satisfied to wait through the end of a second term for pro-LGBT legislation to be passed and signed by President Obama.

I’ll say it again: Joe Solmonese collects his paycheck whether anything positive happens or not. 

The rest of the purple-n-yellow shirts that populate his hive collect similarly.

They live comfortably and don’t have to actually care about the gay man who gets fired from his drafting job in Conroe, Texas; or the lesbian who gets fired from her teaching job in Thayer, Missouri; or the transsexual woman who never gets hired for <insert job here – including those in the gay rights industry> despite being, by any and all objective standards, the best qualified for said position.

Most of them don’t even have to pretend to care – and few, if any, have to coherently (defined as: ‘displaying accurate knowledge of relevant facts and law’) pretend to care.

[W]hat we’ll never know is what was going on inside the minds of President Obama’s staff, who for some reason thought that 2008 win meant an automatic two terms. They clearly laid out a two-term plan, and sold that to LGBT leaders as a realistic goal of some kind.

But selling a turd is easy when your customers can’t tell – or don’t care about – the difference between a turd and a gold nugget.

And when those customers simply re-package the turd, hiding its true nature from view, and re-sell it to the desparate masses…

Well, I actually have personally seen Joe Solmonese and Lou Sheldon in the same room at the same time, but…

I’ve never seen Pee Wee and Benny Hinn

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