Translation: Get Ready For ENDA 3685: The Next Generation

From What Might as Well be Queer Channel Media:

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is maintaining that passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is still on track in the U.S. House, although he said he’s “less sure” about the bill’s prospects in the Senate.

In a DC Agenda interview, Frank on Tuesday said lawmakers working on the bill were about to come to agreement on the legislation before inclement weather last week shut down the federal government.

“We were very close just before we snowed out to basically come to an agreement on a bill that would get a majority vote in the Education & Labor Committee,” he said.

Frank said he’s still anticipating the committee to markup ENDA this month and a floor vote on the bill this March.

“The speaker has promised me that as soon as it passes the committee, she’ll bring it up to the floor of the House,” Frank said.

The lawmaker said he’s been working on ENDA closely with Chairman George Miller (D-Calif.), whom Frank said has been “very supportive” on the legislation, as well as a coalition of organizations including transgender groups.

Still, Frank said the transgender protections were among the sticking points in negotiations on how to proceed.

There has always been a problem with the question of people who are transgender in situations where people are totally or partially unclothed,” he said.

Why not be a little more accurate, eh Barney?

Why not utter a sentence with an itendifiable subject, eh Barney?

Why didn’t you phrase it thusly:

I don’t like the concept of trans-anything so I had to pull something out of my ass to ensure that no trans-inclusive ENDA will have any chance of passing as long as I’m in Congress.  So, I thought to myself, ‘Why not give myself some semi-plausible deniability by letting Lou Sheldon and the rest of the nutcases of the radical right do most of my work for me?’   In turn, I decided to ensure that no one outside of a DADT hearing would ever again ask about what gay men do in public restrooms and showers but, instead, everyone – including some people who might (if not for my creating the issue) have no problem with trans-inclusion – will at least have some problem with the question of people who are transgender in situations where people are totally or partially unclothed.

After all, isn’t that what you actually meant?

Well, that and….

get ready for ENDA 3685: The Next Generation!!!!

One Response to Translation: Get Ready For ENDA 3685: The Next Generation

  1. libhomo says:

    Frank is trying to scapegoat trans people for the heterosexism of many Democrats. He is betraying lgb people in the process too.

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