Why America is Dead – Pt. 9.5: More Generally, The War on Knowledge

Yes, if you’re transsexual, you have to deal with the fact-free anti-science of the Blanchard-Bailey-Dreger neo-criminal syndicate (I would provide hotlinks, but if I tried to list them all my hand would fall off before I got to the more specific point of my post.)

But we transsexuals are not alone in being continually attacked by anti-knowledge.

From The Inverse Square Blog on the right wing’s warriors against real knowledge:

[T]hey stake their claim to authority through an assertion of a peculiar kind of expertise, in particular, the ability to interpret technical knowledge and to divine social patterns, while at the same time decrying the authority of the more specialized skills that produce facts and interpretations with which they disagree.More simply:  no one knows anything except me.

Remember how National Review gave a glowing review to The Man Who Would be Queen?  One can only imagine the size of the crown it will present to Alice ‘Queen of the Seld-Declared Tranny-Censorship Victims’ Dreger when her Guggenheim funded masturbation-in-print-form is published.)

But I digress…

The animating motive behind such bathos is not simply self-aggrandizement (though that is surely a feature and not a bug).  Rather it is aimed at discrediting genuine expertise, actual specialized knowledge and/or craft skills.  Both men (and many others) are actively and overtly trying to reclaim power for an aristocracy of birth, institutions, or certain interests, and hence find claims of authority independent of unearned descent or association a deep threat.

Simply:  as long as, say, Paul Krugman, exists to tell them they don’t know what they are talking about, then those who would rather accelerate the transfer of wealth from the middle to the top, have to find ways to deny his credibility, his authority-born-of-knowledge to label their stupid claims for the folly they are.

More broadly, the game now is to paint one side — the side that did not author our current disaster — as a hopelessly out of touch and inherently incapable group of impractical experts, folks who know only theory and have none of the so-called common sense needed to recognize that the succour of the rich and powerful is the alpha and omega of sound policy.  It’s Spiro Agnew updated for the digital age….

I proudly declare that you can take my nattering-nabob negativism from me when you can pry it from my cold dead hands (and mouth and keyboard…)!

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