Why America is Dead – Pt. 16: Texas

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard at least something about this:

Last week, the Texas Board of Education voted 10-5, along party lines, to replace history textbooks with right wing political propaganda. The vote followed a separate, contentious scrum over whether creationism should be taught in science courses.

In defending his bid to jam creationism into the school science curriculum and rewrite history, ultra-conservative board member, Dr. Don McLeroy, said, “Somebody’s gotta stand up to experts.”

One wonders if he has the same negative view on experts when it comes to his own dental profession?  Would McLeroy trust his own expertise over a guy off the street that fancied himself a dentist because he owned a pair of rusty pliers?

Well of course not.  You know – its the same as the christofascists who engage in womb control over rabble-class women yet somehow manage to procure reproductive healthcare for themselves when the need arises (which, admittedly, would be more often if more of them weren’t closeted homosexuals.)

Fighting back against fake expertise is fine – you know, against self-loathing homosexuals who claim that they have turned straight and against people who assert that the Blanchard-Bailey-Dreger axis is anything less than a Bernie Madoff scheme for the anti-transsexual set.

Social conservatives have created an entire industry to twist our nation’s history.

Never leave out those who have dubious doctorates, questionably-procured professorships, and echo-chamber-encrusted books (that prosecutorial authorities bafflingly refused to bring fraud charges over the publishing of.)

But I digress (drift on over to Andrea James’ site to keep up with Dreger’s hate-filled, Guggenheim-funded fraud.)

This post is about Texas – but not about Texas alone.  Its about the core tenet of that christofascist industry:  enough lies about empirically-provable facts will turn all facts into opinions – which corporate media must always ‘balance’ (however insane that they may be) – and which eventually will reduce all fact-based realms to the same level as mythology religion.

In other words: Goebbels on Viagra.

Case in point?

J.D. Hayworth’s appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Hayworth told Maddow that she was wrong in saying he had been one of congresses top recipients of money from crook-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. He was actually just ninth, he said! Turns out, that was a lie; he was ninth only if you counted “groups” in addition to individual legislators.

Okay, to be fair to Hayworth, that’s the sort of sophistry that any lawyer would try – and its actually not an example of denying facts into opinions.


Hayworth claimed that a Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling defined marriage as ‘the establishment of intimacy,’ which would lead inevitably to men marrying the horses that every American man owns. But it’s not even in there anywhere!

To me, that was the epitome of the christofascist strategy of opinioning the world into insanity.  She pointed out to him that the words he was pointing to simply were not in the opinion.  His response was to say that they simply had a difference of opinion. 

Her pointing out empirical reality just rolled off his back like slime off of a bowling ball.  From a different Gawker take on Hayworth-Maddow:

J.D. Hayworth talked like a 1980s radio DJ and seemed so dumb that it must have been a strategy, somehow.

He’s not dumb.

But he wants you – and the rest of the electorate – to be.

Anti-educational standards such as those adopted by Texas are just one more tool that christofascists can use to ensure that the nation that defeated Hitler and sent people to the moon dumbs itself down into politico-cultural anencephaly.

Welcome to Vorshtein America: worse than fake, less than even the shell of itself that the Bush junta handed over to Barack Obama on Jan. 20, 2009.




And positively fact-free.

(And probably kitty-free too.)

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