Its Thursday and I’m Asking Again: Why Does Dan Savage Still Have a Job?

Perhaps because he has protectors?  Or enough fake e-mail ‘commenters’ to make people believe that he has protectors with this attitude:

I don’t care how you state it, I’m with you on this Dan…love you for always being spot on.

And/or this attidude:

Most of the MTFs I have known have acted traditionally male. I roomed with one who sat around cussing, watching Mariners games while drinking beer out of a bottle, sitting with his legs wide open while cutting farts, and just generally acting “male”. Do natural-born women do these things sometimes? Sure, but they’re also not paying thousands of dollars and taking untold amounts of time off work to transition to female.

I’ll also reiterate this: I am far less concerned about discrimination against me and my people by straights than I am by gay people of this mindset.

A real ENDA or NO ENDA.


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