Savage Extortion

Joe Fudgepacker Dan Savage says he’ll issue an apology for the Rob McKenna thing…

IF he manages to get $2K from his readers regarding an actual trans story that he’s glommed onto.

In ’08 Sloggers helped raised more than $5,000 to pay for the funeral of Duanna Johnson, a transwoman and a victim of police brutality who was murdered in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Johnson’s family, half of the money raised for Johnson’s funeral came from donors in Seattle after a call for donations appeared on Slog. Let’s see what we can raise for a trans kid who’s still alive, shall we? (Oh, and folks who want me to apologize for this: Okay, I will—after we raise at least 2K for Juin and his family. Otherwise, meh, I’ll just keep hating on trans people like the raging anti-trans beegoat that I am.)

Well, considering the non-apology that he has already tacked onto the thing:

I’m getting some very angry emails about this post. What can I say? I’m so sorry. I wrote the post in a hurry but that’s really no excuse. But I promise that in all future posts about Rob McKenna I will not fail to include a link to the Facebook page “Washington Tax Payers OPT OUT of Rob McKenna’s Lawsuit.”

And the fact that plenty of people still appear to not know what his alleged ‘joke’ may actually have been (how much so? I talked about the McKenna posting in my trans history class at the U of Iowa – introducing it with the incredulous question, ‘How many people know that the Attorney General of the State of Washington is an FTM transsexual?’  Well, one of my students actually is from Seattle and answered ‘yes’ – and, after some discussion, that ‘yes’ appears to have stemmed from the 2004 FTM-ing of McKenna by Savage.  Who needs Fox News when we have Dan Savage, eh?), I’d say to tell Savage to go crawl inside Mt. St. Helens and play with himself but send money directly to the person whose story he’s glomming onto.  Any ‘apology’ will be worth about as much, well, Savage himself.

3 Responses to Savage Extortion

  1. Kathy says:

    What else will he do for money?

    • translegalhistorian says:

      Don’t ask that too loudly – or you’ll find out.

      I’m sure LOGO would give him is own show to spend an hour every week telling people what transsexuals are really like.

  2. […] to be fair to the Savage extortionmeister, he does appear to have the ability to walk the gay marriage walk and chew other things at the same […]

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