An Israel Luna Defense at Bilerico? I’m Shocked….NOT!

I’m not sure what’s worse, the arrogance of the actual post by Steven Cheslik DeMeyer…

[I]t’s important to note that both Ticked off Trannies with Knives and Corpus Christi are works of deliberate provocation made by queer artists.

or, his attempt to censor those who call him out on his Dreger-esque ‘censorship’ histrionics:

Let’s stop the quibbling about the meaning of the word censorship, shall we? It’s disingenuous and it’s distracting.

or, the cluelessness of commenter Yasmin Nair:

The queer community would do well to wonder why one is deserving of protection while the other is yanked from a festival.

As for those who, without even having seen the film, already have and will keep showing up to insist that forcing a film festival to yank a film from its lineup is *not* tantamount to censorship, I can only say this: Let me know how you feel when YOUR creative work gets that kind of silencing….

Here goes, Yaz:   My research and writing is my creative work – and it has been censored by the Marriage Derangement Syndrome-addled, transphobic gay rights industry via its de facto ‘transsexual women need not apply’ policy.

Now, STFU.

No, I’m not censoring you by saying that.  I’m not the government.  I’m not an activism consortium or even one employer therein.  I’m not prohibiting – or even inhibiting – you from not S-ingTFU.  However, I am suggesting that the less you say, the less you’ll sound like an apologist for overly-privileged, under-affected-by-discrimination, transphobic gay white men…

like the racially and homosexually-privileged DeMeyer, who fails to point out is that both Ticked off Trannies with Knives and Corpus Christi are “works of deliberate provocation made by” gay men but one is about a group of people who aren’t gay men but who racially and homosexually-privileged gay men tend to denigrate by de-sexing into gay men who, via decades of politico-legal chicanery by the privileged transphobes of the gay rights industry, are not actually protected as gay men under the “sexual orientation” rubric – which racially and homosexually-privileged gay men tend to think is the only civil rights category that the gay rights industry should be fighting for when it comes to proposals such as ENDA.

3 Responses to An Israel Luna Defense at Bilerico? I’m Shocked….NOT!

  1. Becca K. says:

    And silently add “you ignorant fuck” at the very end.

  2. Kathy says:

    Ah – so it’s all about the feelings of gay men – not the real world effects on trans peoples lives – or their feelings.

    Really – so how gay men are criticized for how they portray gayness is equivalent to criticizing them to how they portray trans people?

    Then Nair & DeMeyer promise to never criticize La Barbera or Phelps. And – not giving them a space to speak on Bilerico is censorship. I await their impassioned plea for a regular column by both there.

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