D.C. Evil – Its Not Just for Rhode Island Avenue Anymore

In the form of a letter to President Obama, at Pam’s House Blend Autumn Sandeen tells of her treatment by taxpayer-salaried thugs following the DADT protest.

There’s plenty of room for disagreement about whether DADT is the issue to push right now – but there is no room for disagreement about what Autumn’s arrest exposed:

President Obama, your Park Police took me down from the White House Fence; I was placed on the side of the police van where the other two female veterans in our group were seated. When we were about to be searched at the Park Police processing center, I informed the officer who was to search me that I was transgender. When I went up to the processing window to identify myself, I told them I was transgender, and had male genitalia and female breasts, and that I identified as female. When the Park Police were preparing an identification bracelet for me, it initially identified me as a female.However, before the Park Police placed the identification bracelet on my wrist, they asked me a second time — and only me — what my actual “given name” is, even though the officers had a copy of my military retiree identification card with my legal name of Autumn Violet Sandeen.

But wait – it gets better:

When we arrived at the DC Superior Courthouse, Officer Carr of the Park Police also represented you poorly. Specifically, when he was identifying the make-up of the prisoners to the corrections officer who was going to be processing us, he identified the six of us in the following manner (emphasis added):

There are two women, and three men — Well, really four men, and one of them is an impersonator.

Two officers came to my holding cell, and told me there was some confusion on my gender. I told the two officers I had male genitalia, female breasts, and a female gender identity. As they walked away, I overheard the senior officer tell the junior officer that my answer meant I was a male, and that I must have told other officers that I was female-suggesting I was trying to deceive them.

Then the female identification bracelet was cut off, and a second bracelet that identified me instead as male was attached to my wrist.

Have the operations of the U.S. Marshals service been farmed out to the Sheldon family?  That clearly would be a believable explanation for:

The one caucasian, female U.S. Marshal who had her curly blond hair up in a bun — dressed in a fuchsia, lightly ruffled blouse, a black blazer and slacks–kept raising her fist up and yelling out “Go Navy.”My peer female protesters — Cadet Mara Boyd, and Cpl. Evelyn Thomas — were in a holding cell behind the U.S. Marshal’s station. They heard that same U.S. Marshal in the fuchsia blouse state the following to one of her peer officers (emphasis added):

“Did you see it? The nerve of it to be wearing a Navy uniform. Did you see the shim in the Navy Uniform?”

Calling transgender people “it” is clearly a way of dehumanizing transgender people. “Shim” a relative to “she-male” is also a dehumanizing term to identify transgender people.  President Obama, your U.S. Marshal calling me “it” and “the shim” is the equivalent to calling an African-American by the n-word, or calling a Gay-American by the antigay f-word, it is absolutely unacceptable.

I wasn’t there of course – and Autumn may well have a different speculatory view (or may not even want to hazard a guess) – but: How much would anyone be willing to bet that the “it”-monger was lesbian (or at least bi)?  That goes to the issue of what is “acceptable.”  Why would someone in that position feel that is “unacceptable” to dehumanize a trans woman when every disgusting epithet and stereotype of trans women is consecrated either by our corporate gay oppressors or the juiced-up millieu who wouldn’t know the difference between ENDA and an endo and wouldn’t care because neither directly impacts the playlist or the coke purity at the local blowhole barn?

The Lambda Literary Award nomination for The Man Who Would Be Queen?

The gay women who say that transsexual women can never be women because we weren’t ‘born’ women – yet who say that they’re somehow not embracing the same ‘biology is destiny’ insanity that made women de facto slaves until the early twentieth century?

The gay men who will, by night, have sex in public places and party with Luna’s Ticks – and then, by day, work against trans-inclusion in civil rights legislation, claiming ‘pragmatism’ because trans issues are too scary for non-gay America, thereby giving Andrea Lafferty a rhetorical reach-around?

It actually matters not whether the person who hurled the “it”s and “shim”s at Autumn was male or female, gay or straight or bi; the legitimization of what the person did – and the freedom to do so without any fear or reprisal – has come not from President Obama (though, clearly, he could put an instant stop to it if he wanted to) or even his immediate predecessor.

The shortest distance between ‘Ticked Off Trannies With Knives’ and ‘Ticked Off Transphobic Marshals With Guns’ is not a straight line – but a gay one.

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