Mississippi, Find Yourself Another Country To Be Part Of

No need for apologies to Phil Ochs; methinks that if he were still alive, despite his “Dykes of the American Revolution” quip during the intro to “Love Me, I’m a Liberal” he’d have the same reaction to this item at Gawker that I did.

First the state was pulling the ol’ Fake Prom grift on Constance McMillen, and now it’s removing a butch-ish lesbian from her high school yearbook, entirely. That’s what happened to Ceara Sturgis of Hazlehurst, MS, anyway.Ceara is a graduating senior at the Wesson Attendance Center (“attendance center” being the most depressingly — and, for Mississippi, aptly — reductive and simplistic description of a high school we’ve ever heard) and by all accounts a good student. At the top of her class! And yet the school banned her photo from the yearbook because she was sporting both a tuxedo and Justin Bieber hair in her senior picture. After that became an issue, the dang school just completely removed any mention of her, from the entire book.

Oh yeah, but its Obama and the Dems that are leading us into social-, Stalin- and every other form of -ism.

Glenn Beck belches it, so it must be true, eh?

Erasing someone from the official record? 

I didn’t think I’d have cause to quote Seth Myers again this soon – and the same quote at that – but what choice do I have?

If “there’s nothing more Nazi than saying ‘Show me your papers,'” (and, again, Myers the scholar is on the mark there) then is there nothing more Soviet/Communist than declaring someone to be a non-person and subsequently ‘cleansing’ the the official societal record of the person’s existence?

Ceara?  Say hi to Trotsky for me – and ask him if he can scare up a Frida Kahlo autograph for me.


Mississippi?  Its time for you to listen to Phil Ochs.

Find yourself another country to be part of.

And might I suggest Arizona?

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