Equal Time (Of Sorts)

Just to show that I can tolerate those on the right…

No, I can’t say that I enjoy most of what comes out of Dennis Miller‘s mouth these days.  In fact, I really think its sad that he’s by and large gone over to the FOX dark side. 

He was showing hints of where he was headed even a decade ago when he was on Monday Night Football.  Still, I actually liked his presence there – and, I will say that, on occasion when I’m out and about and am spinning the AM dial at a time when I am apt to come across his radio show, there are times when he will go for a few minutes without forcing my hand back to the ‘seek’ button.


During one week of the 2000 football season – a week that the Vikings played a Monday night game at home – Miller did a show at the Mystic Lake Casino just outside the Twin Cities.

I remembered going to the show, but, strangely, I actually did not remember that I’d managed to sneak my camera in to it – until I recently developed a couple of rolls of B&W film that I’d had lying around for, well, a decade or so (don’t ask why) and found a dozen shots from the Miller show on one of them.

Now if I can just find the roll that has the shots on it that I took at the Smothers Brothers show there earlier that year.

2 Responses to Equal Time (Of Sorts)

  1. valeriekeefe says:

    I am always confused by seemingly intelligent, articulate, right-wingers. Wonder if you’ve seen the supernews cartoon where Dennis Miller debates himself.

    • translegalhistorian says:

      I haven’t, but I’m sure there’s plenty of material for it. I remember back when he was on SNL, he was one of Jesse Helms’s biggest critics; now I resume he masturbates to the cretin’s memory.

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