Once Again, Pee Wee Skates

Metro Weekly currently has an item by Chris Geidner about discontent with the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool.

And, while worth a read, take a look at the article’s subtitle:

A question as old as Stonewall returns in the months since Californians passed Proposition 8

Sorry, but that by itself skews the article into HRC’s corner.


In the months since Prop 8?

Does Geidner really believe that – at least as to The Cesspool – it had ever gone away?

Asked if HRC would support a May 2 rally urging the White House to include DADT repeal in its Defense Department budget bill that it submits to Congress, Solmonese – stuck in London because of the volcanic ash that disrupted European air travel and participating in the town hall courtesy of the BBC – said that was the first he’d heard of the rally. Even if true, Solmonese’s tepid response only encouraged the growing disdain that his organization has engendered in Get Equal’s activist base.

That liberal activists are not thrilled with HRC is nothing new. Having interned at HRC in 1998 and attended New York City Pride when HRC had endorsed then-Sen. Alfonse D’Amato (R-N.Y.) over then-Rep. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), I have seen far worse than the reactions people had to Solmonese’s responses this past week. 

If he wasn’t with HRC in 2007, then he wasn’t (that’s called a fact, TVC), but why the reluctance to mention the fraud that Pee Wee committed in 2007 with respect to lying to trans people about ENDA and (presumably) raking in cash based on the lie while having already decided to act contrary to the claim Pee Wee made to Southern Comfort (an all trans people)?

I’m just askin’.

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