Moving the Goalposts Yet Again

From Herbert West’s newest project, the re-animated Queer Channel Media:

If passed, ENDA would ban job discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in most employment situations. It does not apply to businesses with fewer than 15 employees, religious organizations and the military.

The Human Rights Campaign, which is coordinating formal lobbying efforts for the bill, has said at least 53 senators were expected to vote for ENDA. But the group’s deputy legislative director, David Stacey, said it’s uncertain whether 60 senators can be lined up to defeat a filibuster, which Republican opponents were expected invoke to kill the bill.

As of two weeks ago, HRC and ENDA supporters in the House of Representatives predicted the bill would reach the House floor this spring. But last week, gay U.S. Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), a strong ENDA supporter, told LGBT activists he was uncertain when the bill would come up for a House vote.

Polis made his comments to protesters with the group GetEqual, who on April 15 interrupted a hearing held by the House Committee on Education & Labor, which has jurisdiction over ENDA.

The protesters boisterously called on Rep. George Miller, the committee’s chair, to hold an “immediate” committee vote to send ENDA to the House floor. Polis, a member of the committee, motioned for the protesters to follow him outside the hearing room, where he said he would talk to them about ENDA.

According to Polis, whose remarks were recorded on GetEqual cameras, ENDA supporters in the House want to ensure there are enough votes to kill any Republican-sponsored motion to recommit ENDA to committee. The video’s audio quality of the video is poor, and not all of Polis’s remarks to the protesters could be heard.

“The congressman was saying that [House Democratic] leadership needs to make sure they have the votes lined up to fight off any motion to recommit, not that they don’t have the votes to pass the bill,” said Lara Cottingham, Polis’s press spokesperson. “He is confident that we will get to a floor vote, but wants to make sure it is done in the right way.”

First it was passing a disgustingly transphobic, gay-greed-consecrating, non-trans-inclusive ENDA.

Then it was St. Barney saying that getting 15-20 more Dems was necessary.

Then it was actually getting the 15-20 more Dems.

Then it was a year-and-a-half of bullshit.

Now, its not simply needing a majority or needing a majority that will be for trans-inclusion, but needing enough to dodge a motion to re-commit.

Then it will be ‘Whoops! The 2010 session is over.  Our bad!’

One possible motion to recommit the bill to committee could force the House to hold a recorded up-or-down vote on whether the transgender provision should stay in the bill, a vote that some House members fear could hurt them at the polls in the upcoming congressional elections, according to some Capitol Hill observers.

Thanks for drawing up plays for the christianist party folks!

Okay, to be fair, they probably didn’t need the help of those ‘Capitol Hill observers’ (read: HRC-oids who would rather die than live in a world where trans people are legally equal to them). 

After all, they’ve aready gotten decades of help from St. Barney and HRC-oids who would rather die than live in a world where trans people are legally equal to them – all of whom have given the christianist party and their DINO collaborators full and complete permission (often implicitly, but sometimes explicitly) that we are expendable and, if we’re expunged, no one will pay any price whatsoever.

In fact, there’s nice precedent that those who help create third-class status for trans people will be rewarded with a promotion.

I won’t mention Matt Foreman by name.

I really won’t.

And I certainly won’t mention SONDA – now eight years old with no signs whatsoever that the special right of New York gays and lesbians to discriminate against trans people is in danger of being eliminated.

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