And Speaking of Things to Masticate…

Try this – as posted as a comment to an item at Bilerico:

Feinstein’s Deputy Director, Trevor Daley, in her L.A. office on Thursday

“ENDA isn’t going to happen this congressional session.”

Source: Wendy Leigh in reply to Meghan Stabler



Masters of illusion…

Masters of deception…


At some point, all things uttered by anyone who is allowed to collect a paycheck for purporting to represent us all converge to the horizon line that is the unbelievability of political oblivion…

And yet, some who get to declare certain others to be idiots can continue to do so by virtue of not having to worry about earning a living in addition to doing whatever the hell it is one does to deserve the position that allows one to call those who live in the real world ‘idiots.’

And some of us wonder why there likely will be no ENDA this year – even an Aravosis-wet-dream ENDA.

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