Food For Thought



a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts: a rumor of war.
gossip; hearsay: Don’t listen to rumor.
Archaic . a continuous, confused noise; clamor; din.
–verb (used with object)
to circulate, report, or assert by a rumor: It is rumored that the king is dead.

Now, unless Mara Keisling and her defenders have actually seen the actual proposed changes to ENDA – something that they claim not to be the case – how exactly is anything that Mara Keisling and her defenders have been saying since at least November 5, 2009 (the date of the Senate HELP Committee hearing on ENDA), if not before given that the last House action was even prior to that Senate hearing, any less of a “rumor” than anything that I (or anyone else who refuses to swear the necessary oaths of allegiance to Sts. Barney and Mara and their Wizard-ettes of Neo-Oz) might have dared to utter in response to Mara Keisling and her defenders’ non-rumors-because-they-say-that-they-are-non-rumors?

I’m just askin’.

And that’s no rumor.

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  1. […] reality of the 2009-10 ENDA’s political petri dish, a fake reality constantly defended by our Chosen-Ones-who-were-chosen-for-us-by-people-whose-interests-are-much-more-aligned-with-the-Aravosis… – a fake reality in which a fake compromise which, even if yields an actual erasure of DADT, […]

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