How About a Rumor Scoreboard?

And, even though I took a shot at The John in the previous post, I’ll cite to AmericaBlog as a legit source here.  Joe Sudbay runs down the ‘Its gonna happen’ timeline (I’m adding the numerical listing and leaving out the passages he quotes; you can go over there and check, but the timeline itself is instructive – or should be to those who are clearly having trouble working out a reality-based standard for idiocy.)

  1. First, we heard ENDA would be done last fall….
  2. Then we heard there would be action on ENDA in January or February….
  3. Then we heard it would be done in April….
  4. Then, last month, on April 18th, Barney Frank said the vote would be happening within weeks….
  5. Today [Friday, May 14], via Kerry Eleveld, we learn that there is no time frame for a vote….

And, yet, the superiority complex of those chosen for us to ensure that no real progress ever occurs The Chosen Ones remains a universal constant.


You think a set of moving goalposts is as bad as it can get?

And you think ‘a floor, not a ceiling’ is as insipid as it can get.


There is space beneath the floor.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, I recommend watching Inglourious Basterds.

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