Queer Channel Media: Alive and Well and Forever the Voice of Middle- and Upper-Class Homosexuals Who Have Secure Economic Status

How many shoes does the Gay, Inc., hydra have to drop?

We’ve seen the existing-ENDA-bill death walk.

We’ve seen the Quisling Quack to defend the indefinsible of the unknown worse-than-the-existing-ENDA-bill.

We’ve seen the re-animation The (Real) John and his real agenda.

We’ve seen The John-oids pollute the waters with ahistorical thread-hijacking.

And now, we have Jessica Lee, newly decanted board member of GOProud

Jessica Lee Jessica Lee is an investment banker who raises capital for growth companies, many of which have succeeded in going public in a difficult IPO climate.  Her experience bringing capital to smart management teams and great companies, and seeing how they create wealth, which is shared with everyone including the secretary, has made her a fan of a free market as the best way to improve the lives of ordinary people.Jessica grew up in modest circumstances in Jersey City, New Jersey in a union household.  Her opportunity to study and work hard as a way to improve her situation made her a believer in this country’s unique social mobility.  Jessica’s first vote, at 18, was for Ronald Reagan for president.  As a result of efforts to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment, Jessica left the Republican Party in 2004.  She found a home with GOProud, which has no party affiliation and supports her conservative views.

Jessica is committed to the local gay community in Washington, DC where she does volunteer work for the gay film festival and will soon begin tutoring young at-risk gay youths. 

… and the newest privileged gay shill for the ‘Oh, we told you that if you played nice and let us get our ENDA we’d come back and add you to it but now we’re just going to forget about ENDA and concentrate on other gay-only stuff, HA! HA!’ agenda to be allowed to poison the equality well via the Washington Blade:

Ending discrimination in the workplace is a worthy goal, but since ENDA does not apply to government-sanctioned discrimination, which is the most serious against us, ENDA is no panacea and our money, lobbying and votes should support an agenda that is broader than solely ENDA. Further, the private sector has made tremendous progress toward equality in the past decade and might not be the best place to focus change efforts. Transgender activist and blogger Corinna Cohn, proposes that there might be other ways to accomplish ENDA’s goals:

“Proponents of the Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA) say the bill is necessary to protect vulnerable people from being judged on personal traits. However, the biggest gains in workplace protections have come from businesses, not government. The 2010 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), published by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), reported that 72 percent of businesses surveyed have gender identity protections, and the number grows each year.

“When groups like HRC let businesses know that they are going to be measured and scored based on their corporate policies, the businesses evaluate themselves for changes based on community expectations and on the practices of their competitors.

“This is the most logical way to advance workplace protections, because discrimination is a phenomenon of human attitudes, and attitudes are changed through experience and personal growth, not through the imposition of federal law. Discrimination based on personal characteristics is an affront to human dignity, but creating federal penalties for discrimination will only spray perfume on one of the symptoms of discrimination without addressing the underlying cause.”

I am not suggesting that our LGBT organizations abandon pursuit of ENDA

Well, you can say you’re not – but you are.

And the invocation of a trans voice was a slick touch.  But, its that of another GOProud shill (or at least of a shill by submission), a “student at George Mason University Law School, vice-president of GMU Gay and Lesbian Law Association, secretary GMU Law Students for the Second Amendment.”

But lets get back to GOProudimusPrime:

what I am suggesting is that ENDA might not deserve the tremendous expense of political capital that it is getting to the exclusion of other avenues of change. What other strategic priorities that improve the lives of the most LGBT people should we pursue? Healthcare equality is one idea.

You mean prohibiting health’care’ monoliths from excluding trans people and transition-related health care from their games of three-card monty policies?


Of course not.

This year we missed a historic opportunity, with the recent passage of massive health care reform, to address the inequality of the tax treatment of domestic partner health benefits.

Yup – gotta focus on things that benefit people who already have jobs that already have perks.

Democrats delivered for unions by exempting the first $27,500 of a straight family’s health plan from the “Cadillac tax” and delayed any taxation on those benefits until 2018. Gay individuals, parents and their children who receive their health insurance through their domestic partners pay income tax on dollar one of their benefits. This is a huge disparity in the treatment of gays and straights. It is also a hardship for middle and low-income gay families and an injustice for all gays. Lobbying to include domestic partners in the “Cadillac tax” exemption would have been smart, non-controversial and helped many in our community. Instead of making progress, by ignoring this opportunity we were left with the expansion of a discriminatory system.

One also has to ask where gay Democrats Barney Frank, Tammy Baldwin and Jared Polis were when this legislation was being debated for almost a year.

Okay, don’t get me wrong.  I’m never going to pass up an opportunity to call out Barney ‘When is someone going to give me an award for convincing America that they have nothing to fear from predatory methed-up gay men in public restrooms but everything to fear from transsexual women in women’s rooms?’ Frank and Tammy ‘Wisconsin’s gay rights law is gay-only? I never knew that – even during the decade I was in the Wisconsin Legislature’ Baldwin as being what they really are.

There are many other areas in which a practical approach could improve the day-to-day lives of the majority of gay Americans, especially those who are middle and lower-income.


Invoking ‘middle and lower-income’-ness when, in reality, the taxation-of-benefits issue is of inordinate benefit (pun? I’m not sure) to the economic class most likely to buy what gay Republicans are pushing.

And I won’t even mention how it can’t possibly be of any benefit (pun? here, definitely) to people who are excluded from the legitimate economy via policies approved of and/or sanctioned by and/or created by Republicans (and Democrats who are no better than Republicans.)

Now, again, don’t get me wrong.  Healthcare reform was no reform – but because of Republicans and Democrats who are no better than Republicans.

The tax code is full of inequities and would be a good place to start looking for opportunities to change.

Yup, if its Republican its rich (and those who are convinced that a rigged system can make them rich) homos’ bottom line first, everyone else’s lives…


And like the rich (and those who are convinced that a rigged system can make them rich) homos who pollute all discussion everywhere with historical revisionism and history-doesn’t-matter-because-we-fucked-the-T-for-so-long-that-we-have-the-power-to-declare-that-history-doesn’t-matter-ism, the lower-taxes-first arm of gay buffonery (remember Ths John’s quickly-deleted whine about how the last Dubya-era rebate didn’t benefit him?) is as much of a cancer on the body of working-class and/or non-DC LGBT progress as overt, classic Chris Crain-ery.

Being knee-deep in the big muddy is bad.

Its even worse when you’re knee-deep – and in head first.

And Queer Channel Media?

Same as it ever was…

Same as it ever was….

6 Responses to Queer Channel Media: Alive and Well and Forever the Voice of Middle- and Upper-Class Homosexuals Who Have Secure Economic Status

  1. Jessica Lee says:

    You are anonymous. I am not. I am willing to debate you if you reveal your real name, a photo and email address that the public can respond to, like I have done.

    If you cannot do that then shut up.

    • translegalhistorian says:

      Wow – a conservative bitching about anonymity? Bitch about the anonymity* of your critics when you’re willing to so about corporate secrecy.

      * I’m not anonymous. You’re apparently just lazy.

      • Jessica Lee says:

        I have said nothing about corporate secrecy and do not understand your comment.

        Is this the best opposition that I have?

        PS you are anonymous if you do not give your real name.


      • translegalhistorian says:

        You’re conservative; you’re a corporate spokeshill until proven otherwise.

        As for names…

        Again – you’re just lazy.

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