ESPA: Organization or Myth?

It would have been more appropriate for me to do these screen snaps while the hearing was going on this morning, but the equipment I had access to then didn’t permit me to do so.

So, here we have the front page of the website of the Empire State Pride Agenda as of a few minutes ago:

Yes, there’s a block generally referring to GENDA.

Anything specific which would give anyone a hint that something was afoot with GENDA this week?

If there is, I don’t see it.

How about what one would find on the GENDA-specific page?

Specifics about this week?


BTW, here’s an enlargement of that last bullet point:


Uh huh….

Well, what about press releases?

Uh huh….

I ask all of you: On June 8, 2010, what is more important to your life – passing GENDA or Ross Levi’s big payday?

One Response to ESPA: Organization or Myth?

  1. Emelye Waldherr says:

    Aww, ya beat me to it. I was planning a note about the very same subject after visiting the ESPA site this morning. It’s more proof, as if it were really needed, that GENDA always was, and apparently always will be, so far on the back on the rearmost ESPA burner that the danger of its being pushed off the back of the stove is more real than imaginary.

    To give credit where it’s due, ESPA has done work for GENDA and the trans community in New York. The sponsored many trans people for their Equality and Justice lobbying days in Albany and have at least one trans person, a trans man, on their payroll to be the point person for organizing around this issue. The problem I have relates not to the work they’ve already done, work that I’m grateful for, but how their priorities stack up and, as this post shows, their priorities simply do not place much importance on the gender variant gay, lesbian, straight and bisexual trans people in New York.

    I figure ESPA to be in the same mold as the HRC, run primarily by and for the well to do white gay men of the state who will always make certain their priorities are given the greatest attention, “collateral damage” be damned. They haven’t figured out yet that pushing employment and housing protections for gender variant people would ultimately give them greater resources to fight for their issues, which so many trans people support but cannot contribute to because they are too wrapped up in scratching out their own survival in a state that still considers them third class citizens.

    I’m going to look at more trans centered organizations, probably NYAGRA (the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy), to push more aggressively in the face of ESPA failures in this regard. I’ve lost hope that ESPA can ever get the job done.

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