Psycho Privilege: The Dredge Gets Another Undeserved Platform

Apparently, Psychology Today hasn’t gotten the message that Alice Dreger is an ethically-compromised hack with an agenda about as far removed from psychology as BP’s is from giving a shit about the Gulf of Mexico and real people affected by the oil spill.

The Dredge’s blog at PT?

Fetishes I Don’t Get

I shit you not.

She’s touting herself thusly:

Lately, under the auspices of a Guggenheim Fellowship, she’s been writing a walk-about history of scientific controversies in the Internet age. The book includes her own experiences in intersex rights work (she helped lead the Intersex Society of North America for about seven years) and in having done historical research that ticked off a number of transgender activists.

Get it?

Ticked off?

Alice Dreger…

Israel Luna…

Alice Luna…

Israel Dreger…

Its so hard to distinguish between various people who make money off of dehumanizing transsexual women.

She is a guest advisor to Savage Love….

Gee, who would have ever thunk that she’d be an ally of Joe Fudgepacker?

…and her essay, “Lavish Dwarf Entertainment,” was chosen for Norton’s annual Best Creative Non-Fiction volume of 2009.

Well, why stop at dehumanizing one group of people, eh?

As Lynn Conway points out via e-mail regarding this latest publication to legitimize the illegitimacy of the Dredge:

This provides her with quite a pulpit for propagating her pumped-up vita, publicizing her book, glorifying her beloved Bailey and spewing bigotry against trans-activists.
Her biopage signals how she’ll frame the Bailey fiasco as a case of dangerous anti-social behavior by a handful of lunatic activists – when in fact it was a revolutionary internet-based uprising in the wider trans-community against trans-pathologization by the CAMH clique.
It’s also clear that she’s positioning herself as a heroine of intersex rights. Wonder how she’ll explain why she’s become a pariah in the intersex community? By going on attack mode and demonizing a few intersex activists? Probably.
Seems that the LGBTI community needs to position another Psychology Today blogger who can tell “the rest of the story.”


I wouldn’t say that too loudly, Lynn.  I’m sure PT will let RuPaul speak ‘for’ us.

5 Responses to Psycho Privilege: The Dredge Gets Another Undeserved Platform

  1. TTWS says:

    Psychology Today, Oppression Tomorrow

    Fetishes she don’t get?
    Ah – so – she has some of her own, then. And do the ones she “gets” qualify as mental illnesses?

  2. missanthrope says:

    Fetishes I don’t get:

    Obsessively pathologicazing trans people in order to build a name for yourself because you don’t have the chops to get into a legitimate or relevant field of psychology that might actually help people truly in need of help.

    That’s one weird fetish I just don’t understand.

  3. BarbieAnn says:

    I believe the title of the book she’s writing is:

    The Persecution and Assassination of J. Michael Bailey as Performed by the Inmates of the Clarke Institute Under the Direction of the Alice Dreger.

  4. TTWS says:

    That’s not a blog – there’s no comments section. Most bloggers would consider that the blog equivalent of the vanity press.

  5. Marlene says:

    Ahhhh…. just like the so-called “blogs” promoting the persecution and oppression of the LGBTI community!

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