Tulsa Gives Gays and Lesbians the Special Right to Discriminate Against Trans People

And, of course, there’s cheering in the land of The John:

Sexual orientation, and….?

[ crickets ]

I opted for the screen grab instead of text copy because I thought it would be best to let folks see exactly what the acceptability agenda looks like in action.

Yes, trans inclusion is possible – unless you just don’t want to.

And, of course, those who don’t want to are lining up to do the cheering in John-land:

“If Tulsa, Oklahoma decides sexual orientation should be included with other suspect classes, and our society has evolved to be more equal, then what is holding back the Obama Administration regarding ENDA?”

Maybe it is the fact that in Oklahoma they are smart enough not to insist that sexual orientation protections be linked to transsexual bathroom issues and public cross-dressing. Maybe that has something to do with it. You can be certain that if the gay folks in Tulsa who have been fighting for job protections for 35 years had demanded that the city protect an amorphously defined “gender identity”, the result would have been no job protections for gay and lesbian people for another 35 years. That outcome would no doubt please the “LGBT” gender activists in all the queer studies departments in all of the elite universities on the East and West coasts.

But for the gay and lesbian people of Tulsa who are living real lives at real jobs and who have better things to do than play at gender deconstruction, it would have been a moral and political disaster.

That disastrous path is what HRC and other national gay groups have to date insisted upon. And that is why gay people will get nothing in 2010, 2011, or many years thereafter. That is what happens when you allow yourself to be redefined as “LGBT”.

That reminds me….

How many Ph.D.s in Trans-Eliminationism is it now that St. Barney University has handed out over the last fifteen years?

6 Responses to Tulsa Gives Gays and Lesbians the Special Right to Discriminate Against Trans People

  1. libhomo says:

    I am so sick of partisan Democrats scapegoating trans queers for the failure of that party to pass ENDA for all queers. I’m glad I don’t bother to visit that blog. It’s so disgusting.

    This nation is going into an enormous scapegoating phase. Queers should know better.

  2. libhomo, it ain’t just partisan Democrats scapegoating transpeople, it’s partisan Republicans as well

  3. Lizzy Levitt says:

    same old stuff, its the bathroom issue.

  4. http://ns.km21047-03.keymachine.de

    Tulsa Gives Gays and Lesbians the Special Right to Discriminate Against Trans People | ENDAblog

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