Wow…Its Pride Time And…

Something both contextually accurate and trans-positive is appearing in a gay rag?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I guess Ann Rostow (yes, that Ann Rostow) wants to be the exception that proves the rule (you know – the rule about Pride time being the time second-most likely for gay rags to let transphobes loose in the editorial pages; the most likely, of course, being right before congressional actions on ENDA):

As for the New York state senate, they passed a trans-inclusive Dignity for All Student Act, which now heads to Governor Paterson. This accomplishment comes a few weeks after the same legislature managed to defeat the transrights bill, GENDA, in committee. Some of you may recall that the New York legislature passed the Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination Act, SONDA, back in 2003 after stripping gender identity from the bill. At that time, there was much hand wringing and everyone pledged to not rest until GENDA was law as well. Turns out the trans community not only has to wait their turn as usual, but the line looks like it might be a decade long. Keep this in mind if and when the U.S. Senate considers the Employment Nondiscrimination Act. What do you want to bet that trans rights will somehow get stripped out of our federal workplace rights bill once again? And if they do, how long do you think it might be until a stand-alone transgender rights bill survives Congressional review?

The paragraphs do constitute a nice sentiment.  However, both highlighted questions are actually moot. 

While Gramma Frumpp and her yes-trannies were jerking each other off (or tele-fellating or cyber-snorkeling or whatever the hell that Worthless Chosen Ones do to one another while the people they’re being paid to speak for are being murdered politically) in a frenzy of ‘Idiot!’-screaming, Gay, Inc., was concluding the final screw on ENDA – one that, I’ll have to admit, even I wasn’t willing to believe they’d quite gotten to the point of being willing to unleash: Dispensing with the triviality of removing trans people from ENDA in favor of simply giving the nod-n-wink to killing the very concept of ENDA and shifting all resources to those matters which the monied gays consider to be worthy, namely gay marriage and DADT.

And, of course, Gramma Frumpp still gets her paycheck. 

So, all is well – for all who actually matter.

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