Send ‘Thank You’s to Marriage Derangement Syndrome Central

From the Spokesman-Review:

Idaho doesn’t recognize gay or lesbian marriage, but some Republicans want the state to go a step further.

A panel of GOP delegates at the state party’s convention passed a measure Friday to define marriage as a bond between a “naturally born” man and woman, effectively barring transgenders.

Bannock County delegate Ralph Lilling says his amendment to the state party’s platform will help further protect the traditional family unit.

No, it would bar transsexuals – but, given that I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sure that an amount equal to that spent on gay marriage will be spent fighting the Idaho proposal if it ever gets beyond the status of platform plank, why quibble?

Rumor has it that the panel of GOP delegates will take a fact-finding trip to Michigan this summer to sing their platform to music specially authored by Alix Dobkin.

Its a rumor that I just started in that sentence, but a rumor nevertheless.

A rumor that – again – I’m willing to bet that the history of gay transphobia will lead at least some people of at-least-average intelligence to believe is actually possible.

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