Hypocrisy, Much More?

From…well, you can guess:

This isn’t the first time a “survey” has been done to derail integrating the military. You’d think we were in a time warp back to 1993 when Sam Nunn took reporters on a field trip to show how promiscuous gay sailors were going to turn the silent service fleet into “sodomy subs.” […] From Wayne Besen:

Nunn called for a public “field hearing” to ostensibly find out what men and women in uniform thought of lifting the ban. In an orchestrated publicity stunt, Nunn escorted the national media into the attack submarine, the Montpelier, and the submarine tender Emory S. Land. A May 11, 1993 New York Times article vividly described the scene:

Under the glare of television cameras in cramped sleeping quarters, mess halls and even shower rooms aboard several ships and submarines toured by the senators here at America’s largest Navy base….on the Land, 90 women share four showers and four toilets. On the Montpelier, most of the all-male crew sleeps in triple bunks separated by a corridor two feet wide. There are 117 bunks for 147 men, so crewmembers take turns sharing the same beds.

In a flash, Nunn lowered the tenor of the debate and created visions of promiscuous, unpatriotic gays and lesbians transforming our Navy into a hapless fleet of Sodomy Subs. All people wanted to talk about after this monstrosity was bunk beds.

This is 2010, and not 1993, Mr. President.

Don’t get me wrong.  I concur with the negative attitude toward the DADT ‘survey.’

Of course, I have a memory too.

Why was it okay in 2007 for HRC to fraudulently produce a beyond-bogus ‘poll’ which purported to back up its ENDA anti-inclusion waffle dance?

And why is it okay even now for St. Barney (and his chorus of shills) to continue with the fraudulent argument of penis parties in the ladies’ shower – the ENDA anti-trans-woman corollary to Nunn’s gays-in-the-military “sodomy subs” – to overtly demonize trans women (of all ‘op’ statuses) and subversively undermine the entire notion of ENDA?

Inquiring unprotected Americans want to know.

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