Sorry Christianists, But Where Your Mythological Delusions Collide With Reality, Reality Prevails

Exhibit 174, 281, 390, 537: Augusta State University seeker-of-special-rights-f0r-christianists Jennifer Keeton.

A student who is suing Augusta State University says she considers gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender lifestyles as “identity confusion,” and shared those views in class discussions and written assignments.

Jennifer Keeton, a 24-year-old graduate student, said in an e-mail Friday that she had told Paulette Schenck, an ASU assistant professor named as a defendant in the suit, that homosexuality is a behavioral choice. However, Keeton said allegations by college officials that she would encourage conversion therapy on students or her clients is false.

Of course she’d say that – because it completely contradicts the christianism-primacy insanity that infects the minds of christianists, and christianists believe that they can lie to prevail in their efforts to get memorialized ravings left behind by sufferers of their delusions to supersede reality-based law.

In her suit, Keeton, who wants to become a school counselor, claims Mary Jane Anderson-Wiley, an ASU associate professor, requested that Keeton take part in a remediation plan because of her beliefs about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.

Keeton was ordered to take part in diversity training and write two-page reflection papers monthly on how “her study has influenced her beliefs,” according to court documents. The lawsuit claims that Keeton will be removed from the ASU counseling program if she does not comply with the plan.

The Alliance Defense Fund, a legal alliance that supports religious freedom [EDITOR’S NOTE: HA!], filed the suit for Keeton in U.S. District Court in Augusta on Wednesday. The agency has declined to allow Keeton to be interviewed, but she has responded to submitted e-mail questions.

Elizabeth Evans, of Louisville, said she had a similar experience when she began the counselor education program at ASU in 1995. After taking three courses, Evans said she was interviewed by a panel of professors who questioned her religious beliefs.

“I told them I think homosexuality is wrong. The Bible speaks against it,” she said. “I was not admitted to the program, because of my beliefs. When I read the article, my heart hurt for Jennifer.”

Evans said she decided to pursue a master’s degree in early childhood education at the university. She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree.

Though she found her calling, she said Christian students at the university should not be treated as Keeton has.

Then I’m sure she would support pracitioners of voodoo who expect to be allowed to get an M.D. from a reality-based medical school even though they admit up front that they will refuse to adhere to the precepts of reality-based science when treating patients for reality-based medical conditions.

If its christianism, its the seeking of special rights.

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