Wal-Mart = Evil

A nice clearinghouse for info regarding one of the leading seeds of christofascism in America:

The Anatomy of the Walton Family’s Right Wing Agenda

With over $12 billion in profits in 2007, Wal-Mart is the biggest and arguably most influential corporation in America. The majority owners, the Waltons, are therefore also one of the most influential families with a net worth of more than $100 billion. Over the past year, we have conducted an exhaustive study of public records related to political giving by Wal-Mart and the Walton family in order to determine how this influence is used to affect politics. The conclusion is clear. The Waltons are strong supporters of an extreme right wing agenda.

There’s more – and its worth reading.

2 Responses to Wal-Mart = Evil

  1. I actually like War-mart even if I don’t shop there. The world is pushing forward by those who want to challenging status quo… better product, lower cost, whatever works… anyway, just personal opinion

    • Katrina Rose says:

      lower standard of living for the towns it destroys, lower number of people with health insurance, higher number of people on public assistance because of the corporate greed of the Walton family.

      Reality trumps corporate shillery.

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