Why Does Anyone Interview Log Cabin Republicans About Anything?

From a Queer Channel Media piece about Joe Solmonese’s toilet paper ENDA:

R. Clarke Cooper, executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, dismissed the notion that Republicans were holding up ENDA in the Senate and said “only the current Senate majority leadership can truly answer” why ENDA isn’t on the calendar.

“Blaming the minority leadership for the majority’s disorganization and lack of planning this year is simplistic and, frankly, lazy,” Cooper said. “Both sides of the aisle are frustrated with the lack of activity.”

How about just going ahead and interviewing Tony Perkins and Lou Sheldon for some more ‘balance’, eh QCM?  Its bad enough that QCM interviewed Quisling McNothingburger – as if that head of the Quisling Quacktory speaks for any trans lifeform outside of the Court of the Quimson Quisling – but a clown from an organization that is inherently a joke (as opposed to the Quisling Quacktory; after all, in theory, an organization with ‘transgender equality’ in its name only becomes a joke via Quisling Contwowl)?  Is Chris Crain back on the payroll?

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