The John Plays the Fox ‘News’ Game of ‘Some Say…’

Not with that exact verbiage, but you’ll get the idea in this excerpt from a piece about the ENDA blame game that is ramping up:

[T]here’s this:

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, also blamed Republicans for the failure to advance ENDA in the Senate. She also cited what she called a “general dysfunction” in the chamber as a problem.

“It’s certainly not all about ENDA,” she said. “It’s certainly, certainly not about transgender inclusion in ENDA. They can’t get campaign finance reform through, they can’t get, sometimes, job bills through.”

That’s not what I’ve been hearing.

On the one hand, it truly is hard to find fault with The John for, at least on principle, not believing things that emerge from the Head Quack at the Quisling Quacktory.

On the other hand, “Thats not what I’ve been hearing” sounds more than a little bit like the (if it wasn’t, then it should have been) patented “Some say…” trick of Fox ‘News’.  And, when one considers the gay-first-including-gay-marriage-and-yes-that-means-that-you’d-better-not-suggest-that-incremental-progress-applies-to-gay-marriage greed mentality of those who share space in The John’s echo chamber, I can actually believe that all he’s been hearing is how ‘that e-vul trans-scum’ is mussing up ‘their’ ENDA.

Meanwhile, back in reality….

One Response to The John Plays the Fox ‘News’ Game of ‘Some Say…’

  1. Kathy says:

    If only trans folk weren’t included in DADT…it’d have been repealed by now. And enda would have passed in 2007 if they just went with a version that excised the gender trash.

    Thank God they left them out of hate crimes.

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