The “U.K. Buys the Janice Raymond-Consecrated Transphobia of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and Vancouver Rape Relief” Act of 2010

Strangely enough, that’s not the official name of a recent creation of Parliament – one that makes the Gender Recognition Act of 2004 not worth the paper its printed on (and the gender recognition certificates that that 2004 act allows for worth even less than that.) 

Perversely, the official name is the “Equality Act.”

Here’s what Zoe Brain has to say about it:

[T]here is one “protected” class where protection is explicitly removed, not granted. It means that a gender recognition certificate is not worth the paper it’s printed on. Rather than being a recognition that they are of the target gender, it’s a nullity, as the law states that they’re not, not really. This is made clear in the explanatory notes.:

A group counselling session is provided for female victims of sexual assault. The organisers do not allow transsexual people to attend as they judge that the clients who attend the group session are unlikely to do so if a male-to-female transsexual person was also there. This would be lawful.

Schedule 9: Work: exceptions
Part 1: Occupational requirements

A counsellor working with victims of rape might have to be a woman and not a transsexual person, even if she has a gender recognition certificate, in order to avoid causing them further distress.

The provisions of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 that over-rode that 1975 act have now been repealed. There is a distinction between “women” and “transsexual persons with (or without) gender recognition certificates” now.

Okay, so Zoe and I have different qualitative assessments as to what is worth a piece of paper and what is worth less.

Nevertheless, I think we have a similarly negative assessment as to the reality of what the Anti-GRA Act is.  Zoe, however, captures it more brilliantly with a comparative graphic than I can with legalese:

I think I’ll give it a try…

This is an acceptable woman:

But this isn’t:

Ah  yes…

It all makes perfect sense.


Where is my ‘Alix Dobkin Cassette’ suppository?

5 Responses to The “U.K. Buys the Janice Raymond-Consecrated Transphobia of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and Vancouver Rape Relief” Act of 2010

  1. missanthrope says:

    Um…….I agree with you 100% Kat.

    But I find your and Zoe’s maligning of butch women as somehow “less women” than femme trans women to be screwed up. When you’re judging someones “womanhood” through their gender expression then you’re a playing a sexist, cis-centric game.

    I know you do it in angry jesting. But it’s not funny.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I can’t speak for Zoe, but I think that you misunderstand my use of those images. Zoe happened to pick one with a rep for transphobia; I picked one with a rep for working for a transphobic organization.

      I don’t give a damn what any of them look like. My point, however, is that anti-transsexual-oids, if they can be believed, don’t either – and my purpose is to shine light on the anti-logic of organizations (such as Vancouver Rape Relief) and people (such as the Michigan Womyn’s Transphobia Festival-oids) who seem to think that knowledge of an invisible factoid – namely, the factoid of a given woman’s history – will be more disturbing to the average (“average” here including heterosexuals, and that subset including both conservatives who hate all LGBT people and women who are okay with transsexualism but not homosexuality – and there are some) woman seeking services at a women-only facility than a woman who is visibly more masculine than the average transsexual woman ever was (even prior to transition.)

      • Zoe Brain says:

        To say that Dirt has a reputation for Transphobia is like saying that Stalin was left of centre.

        The reason I picked her was not to malign butch women – just to show the intellectual bankrupcy of the argument about rape survivors being upset by the presence of trans women, because… well, presumably because they look too masculine.

        Except that I’ve shown by that graphic that that’s not what the law says.

        If there was a law based on appearance, then that would be one thing. There’s an arguable case, though in my opinion, not a good one. Especially not for excluding rape survivors as clients if they don’t look pretty enough, which is what it boils down to. But it’s arguable that having counsellors who look too “mannish” might be too upsetting for the victims. And Dirt takes considerable pride in her feminine masculinity.

        To exclude someone on the base of their medical history, including surgery that was performed on them without their knowledge and consent – for anyone who’s had sex reassignment surgery is classed under the act as “transsexual” – that’s just pandering to prejudice and bigotry.

      • missanthrope79 says:

        I really came aggressive in my post, I posted it on a bad day when my bullshit meter had exploded over Nikki’s case in Texas. I apologize. I understand your comparison to highlight their hypocrisy. IDK, it was just kinda something that set off my alarm bells, but a false alarm I now realize.

  2. Considering how Dirt has treated me personally, I really have no problem with the eerie resemblance to Gen. McCrystal being displayed.

    If you’re not faint of heart you could take in the rest of the ‘radical-self-acceptance.’ (read: hatred of trans men and occasional cis dyke bashing along with the derigeur hatred of trans womyn, but really this is all about the butch flight.) Dirt’s got serious issues with Rachel Maddow, for one.

    Though I should say, as far as VRR goes, that I’m really looking forward to the passage of bill C-389, when VRR’s site officially becomes hate speech.

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