August 31, 2010

The title of this post is a (dis)honorific for certain commenters to the following piece:

Red, the Pomeranian puppy born with both male and female reproductive organs, has a permanent home.

Red was born with a condition called pseudo male hermaphrodite and was found wandering the streets of San Bernardino.

His condition was so rare that published data do not include an estimated percentage of the pet population that has it. Veterinarians might see it once in a 30-year career, if at all, said San Bernardino veterinarian Marc DiCarlo. In humans, it occurs in three out of 100,000 people.

I too have never seen any numbers on occurrences in dogs.


Our neighbors have an intersexed dog.

And I’m not kidding.

They told us about it in casual conversation – specifically while lamenting that they found out about the condition when they took the dog in to be ‘fixed’ and, because of the at-that-point-undiscovered condition, the procedure ended up costing twice as much as they had expected it to.

And oh by the way…

The conversation in question occurred before I outed myself as being transsexual.  (And, yes, the neighbors having knowledge of their dog’s situation did indeed make it a bit easier for them to comprehend having a transsexual neighbor.)


Why “Assholes”?

Well, here’s a bit of commentary to the piece:

  • “I heard the dog barks with a lisp.”
  • “pupiesth arwe couute”

Fortunately, most of the commentary is civilized (and I count among the civilized those who are pondering whether, had there been no surgery, Red could have reproduced by parthenogenesis; yes, I presume that most who read this blog know that that’s not possible, but a good number of non-assholes might not.) 

And, also fortunately, Red found a home.


if I can just get my non-intersex, Pomeranian-Yorkie (Porkie) mix to shut up!

The Truth With, Well…, Nothing – Because the Person Who Needs to Say it Never Will

August 31, 2010

This speaks for itself:

Transsexual-Eliminationist Garbage, Like Cancer, Grows

August 31, 2010

To quote Joelle Ruby Ryan’s Facebook lead-in to this article:

This article is a total piece of shit! Quoting Ken Zucker on trans kids is like quoting Hitler on Jewish people–very shameful garbage…

Laura Stampler of the Miami Herald carries Michael Bailey’s water in a bucket forged by Alice Dreger and Rosa Lee Klaneski:

Does your 4-year-old son dress up in his big sister’s tiaras and princess costumes?

Does your 3-year-old daughter swap Barbies for Tonka Trucks?

With celebrity gossip sites buzzing over Angelina Jolie’s comment that her 4-year-old daughter, Shiloh, wants to be a boy, and even children’s books and popular television shows beginning to tackle the issue, transgender children have taken the media spotlight.

“Between 85 percent and 90 percent of the (young) kids that we’ve seen don’t grow up and want to become the opposite sex. They grow up and are pretty happy in their own skin. It’s only a small minority that we’re seeing that are persisting into adolescence,” says Ken Zucker, a psychologist and head of the Gender Identity Service at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

Studies suggest that the majority of gender-variant boys will grow up to be gay, with experts putting the figure at anywhere from 70 percent to 95 percent. (About a third of the gender-variant girls in a small study cited by Zucker later identified as lesbian or bisexual.)

Perrin says she has seen some gender-variant children whose parents tried to change their behavior without success, and others who had dropped their nonconforming behaviors by age 8 or 10 and seemingly just moved on.

“The ones I’m thinking of right offhand are boys,” she says. “Now they’re saying they no longer want to wear blond wigs and they no longer want to play with Barbies.”



How many weren’t connected to the Michael Bailey fan club at Northwestern University or the Blanchard blow-job-go-round at the Shark, er…, Clarke Institute?

Why not just go all the way and stick the Fox ‘News’ logo on the article and dispense with multi-syllable words like “studies” and “experts” –  and just say “some say”?

Monday Morning Game Time

August 30, 2010

Here is the game board:

Now, here’s how the game works.

Toss a penny.

If you hit a known profligate gambler, you get twenty-five points.

If you hit a closeted cross-dresser, you get twenty points.

If you hit a non-Jew who most of the ‘christians’ on the board don’t actually consider to be ‘christian,’ you get fifteen points

If you hit a closeted homosexual, you get ten points.

If you hit a known adulterer, you get eight points.

If you hit someone who has given birth to a homosexual or an adulterer, you get six points.

If you hit someone who has given birth to a child out of wedlock, you get four points.

If you hit someone who, if biblical law was uniformly enforced to the degree that the person wants biblical proscriptions against homosexuality enforced, would have been executed years ago, you get two points.

If you hit someone who, if the Republicans’ post-9/11 attitude about the treason-ness of criticizing the president during wartime had been enforced after 12 noon on Jan. 20, 2009, would have been executed, you get one point.


And anytime you get any points, drink a pint of Guinness.


And you won’t be able to drive for about a week after playing this game.

So…What if People ‘Decide’ Based Something That a Certain ‘News’ Channel Purposely Refuses to ‘Report’?

August 30, 2010

You know…

like this item that the Petrelis Files noticed:

 Let the record show that Fox News has twice made passing reference to Mehlman’s coming out…

Of course, the end of that sentence is equally non-surprising:

…and the Human Rights Charade and the National Gay and Lesbian Tisk-Tisk Farce equal zero mentions on their lame-ass sites.

Don’t worry.

I’m sure that Hilary Rosen and Randi Weingarten have already booked him to be a surprise speaker at the Scampaign’s annual D.C. obscenity-of-gay-wealth-so-who-gives-a-shit-about-working-class-LGB(T)s fest.

I report, because I’ve decided – that Fox ‘News’ is to news what the Human Rights Campaign is to, well, humans and rights and campaigns.

This Coming From a Guy Who, A Year Into the Job He Was Campaigning For Here, Launched a Campaign For a New Gig With an Anti-Transsexual Platform Plank

August 29, 2010

Yes, here’s a bit more about Half-Term Paul Scott – who now is relegated to trying to become Two-Two-Year-Term Paul Scott.

Here’s what he had to say when he was running for state representative back in 2008:

The biggest problem with state government today is competent leadership. We have been electing people for far too long because their name is familiar or because they make a good speech.

Any time the new state legislature spends on issues not directly dealing with improving our economy or stimulating job growth is a waste.

Unfortunately too many people are running for offices, at the local, state and federal level, because they are mad about one issue….

Remember, at that time, he was running for a seat in the legislature of the state with an economy that would have to drastically improve in order to move up to ‘totally fucked’ status.

And remember that, barely a year into his first two-year term in that legislative body, he decided he was good enough to move up to the big leagues of statewide office – and had this as one of top priorities:

I will make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver’s license in any circumstance.

Dear citizenry of Grand Blanc, Michigan…

Utilize the opportunity you are given via the ballot: Make this sick amalgam of Doug Neidermeyer and Urkel go out and try to find a real job in a world in which he thinks harnessing the power of the state to demonize transsexuals will actually solve real problems.

Half-Again More

August 29, 2010

A screensnap of a portion of Bilerico‘s front page from a few minutes ago:

Is it just me?  Or is there something wrong with an item about a Memphis jackbooted thug cop skating, for all practical purposes (2 years? Sorry, but – and I know I’m not the first to make this observation – but if the positions were reversed, Duanna Johnson would have been up on charges that would have gotten her a minimum of a life sentence), on charges stemming from the videotaped beating of a trans woman garnering only one more comment than the coming-out story of an actor who, even assuming anyone ever gave a damn about him in the first place said giving-a-damn long ago ceased, is most famous for being in a piece-of-crap, marketer’s wet dream TV series?

I’m glad Israel Luna didn’t release another movie last week.

But if he had, I’m sure that Ms. Johnson would, on general principle, consider it to be as empowering as his most recent one.


August 29, 2010

From the Oct. 19, 2001, edition of the Topeka Capital-Journal, an LA Times review of Hedwig and the Angry Inch:

John Cameron Mitchell, the film’s writer-director in his feature debut, adds further laurels to his accomplishments in having written and starred in the play, charged by Stephen Trask’s wrenching lyrics and hard-driving music.

The odyssey of self-discovery and self-acceptance on the part of Hedwig, born in Berlin just as the Wall was built in 1961, has its inspiration in Plato’s tale of how humans once were born with two sets of arms and legs and two faces peering out of one head. Because the gods feared mortals’ power, Zeus split us in half, condemning us to search the world for our other half.

This myth is expressed with beautiful simplicity and wit in Emily Hubley’s animated sequences and artwork that become part of the film’s solidly structured narrative. It allows Mitchell et al to transform the lurid and outrageous into the evocative and poignant, incorporating a shift in tone from camp humor to camp pathos.

Raised in East Berlin by a single mother (Alberta Watson), Hansel (Mitchell) grows up enthralled by the rock music he listens to on American Armed Forces radio. As a slim teenager, he is spotted sunbathing in the nude by Luther (Maurice Dean Wint), a U.S. Army sergeant, who mistakes him for a girl until Hansel turns around, revealing he’s no Gretel.

Undaunted, Luther pursues Hansel, who falls in love with him so deeply he agrees to dress as a woman. However, if Hansel is to accompany Luther back to his Kansas military base as his wife, he must pass a physical exam to be permitted to marry the sergeant, allowing him to leave East Germany.

With his mother’s urging, who passes on to him her name and a false I.D., Hansel unenthusiastically submits to a sex change operation that is to transform him into Hedwig. Unfortunately, the operation is botched, leaving him less than the young man he was but not quite a woman either, giving the story its title.



With a certain supreme court of that state – located in that town – in the process of deciding a case in which the key issue was the legal sex status of a transsexual woman when that review of that movie ran, might it have been a foregone conclusion that that certain supreme court would, in March of 2002, issue a ruling as anti-transsexual as it did in In re Gardiner?

Particularly if any of the justices of the Kansas Supreme Court actually saw the damn movie?

A movie – depicting sex reassignment surgery as a fraud to get around laws against same-sex marriage – concocted by a gay man?

I’m just suggestin’…………


August 29, 2010

Seen in Colona, Illinois yesterday afternoon:

What Rahm has wrought

You know what’s coming.

I know what’s coming.

Rahm Emmanuel knows what’s coming.

The difference  is…

You and I care…

And ENDA is where………………..?

Vitter Irony

August 28, 2010

Two adjacent links as they appeared on the front page of the Houston Chronk‘s website a few minutes ago:

Can we assume that Dreck and Milfy McMooseburger, et. al. will instruct News Corp. and Goldline to utilize the Citizens United decision to spend corporate money to defeat the diaper-fetishizin’, prostitute-procurin’ Vitter?

Or can we assume that Dreck and Milfy McMooseburger, et. al. are fine with diaper-fetishizin’ and prostitute-procurin’ as traditional American values?