Transphobia Still Kills: Murder Victim is 17 MONTHS Old


And, yes, it is TRANSphobia.  From WPIX (via Pam’s House Blend):

A man is accused of fatally striking a 17-month-old infant he was babysitting Sunday night on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation on Long Island, according to New York State police.

The suspect has been identified as Pedro Jones, 20, of South Hampton. He has been charged with first-degree manslaughter after allegedly hitting the boy “several times throughout his body with close fists” and grabbed him by the neck, according to the felony complaint filed by police.

Authorities say Jones also told them, “I was trying to make him act like a boy instead of a little girl. I never struck that kid that hard before.”

Jones pleaded not guilty during his arraignment Monday at Southampton Town Justice Court. He is currently being held without bail at Suffolk County jail.

Additional charges or the current charge could be upgraded pending the completion of the investigation, police said.

Could be?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Something a weeeeeee bit more serious than manslaughter.
  • Hate crime.

And, with that, I await the arrival of the Alliance Defense Fund to defend Pedro’s ‘right’ to inflict (allegedly) biblically-mandated sex roles upon the child.  However, I do need to point out that the child that Pedro killed is not the youngest victim of a transphobia-induced murder.  That distinction belongs to a victim in – no surprise, no surprise – Texas:

Ambiguous Genitalia Leads To Infant’s DeathIn an evolving case in Dallas, Texas, a mother has been charged with killing her own child on December 8, 1999, simply because the child was born with ambiguous genitalia.

The baby was three days old, and died of blunt force trauma to the head, as well as strangulation.

A Collin County Medical Examiner also found shards of glass in the baby’s esophagus and small intestine, possibily indicating that someone initally tried to kill the child by forcing them to eat glass, in an effort to cause internal bleeding.

3 Responses to Transphobia Still Kills: Murder Victim is 17 MONTHS Old

  1. Kathy says:

    Say Kat – that sounds like the baby was trying to proposition him – totally about homophobia.

    Why are you trying to hijack this by…..repeating what the murderer said?

  2. libhomo says:

    This is truly frightening.

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