When Queer Channel Media Hits a Home Run, I Acknowledge it

And, with this observation about Larry Bud Ken Mehlman, Kevin Naff puts one over the center field wall:

Mehlman says he only recently realized he’s gay — an absurd claim — and insists that he worked behind the scenes to beat back efforts to attack same-sex marriage during the Bush years. That’s a staggering claim from someone who presided over a campaign that exploited homophobia to advance constitutional amendments in 11 states banning same-sex marriage.

Mehlman is the Roy Cohn of his generation, quietly enabling some of the most damaging attacks on LGBT people and our families.

Actually, this gives me a chance to nevertheless take a shot at QCM.

I think that that passage is an insult to Roy Cohn. 


Cohn never came out, but there is verifiable evidence that, at least once, he worked on behalf of at least one member of the LGBT community: Renee Richards.


…and that little boy…

…who nobody liked…

…grew up to be…

Ken Mehlman.


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