And When I See a Strikeout…

I channel Nelson Muntz and laugh – unless its just truly sad, like this blurb from Chicago Pride:

Donna Milo earned 22 percent of the vote in Florida’s 20th Congressional district GOP primary. That’s a loss, of course; but it’s a win for LGBT rights, since Milo is transgender.

At this point I recommend people pick up a copy of Lewis Black’s Stark Raving Black and listen to his explanation of why 60 isn’t 40.

Milo is pro-life and believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. She also believes that straight couples should have priority over gay couples when it comes to adoption.

This is why a loss by her is actually a win for LGBT rights.

Of course, she’s taking her loss well.  She’s flying to New York to be the token T at Ken Mehlman’s next “How to Profit from Self-Loathing” seminar.

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