The title of this post is a (dis)honorific for certain commenters to the following piece:

Red, the Pomeranian puppy born with both male and female reproductive organs, has a permanent home.

Red was born with a condition called pseudo male hermaphrodite and was found wandering the streets of San Bernardino.

His condition was so rare that published data do not include an estimated percentage of the pet population that has it. Veterinarians might see it once in a 30-year career, if at all, said San Bernardino veterinarian Marc DiCarlo. In humans, it occurs in three out of 100,000 people.

I too have never seen any numbers on occurrences in dogs.


Our neighbors have an intersexed dog.

And I’m not kidding.

They told us about it in casual conversation – specifically while lamenting that they found out about the condition when they took the dog in to be ‘fixed’ and, because of the at-that-point-undiscovered condition, the procedure ended up costing twice as much as they had expected it to.

And oh by the way…

The conversation in question occurred before I outed myself as being transsexual.  (And, yes, the neighbors having knowledge of their dog’s situation did indeed make it a bit easier for them to comprehend having a transsexual neighbor.)


Why “Assholes”?

Well, here’s a bit of commentary to the piece:

  • “I heard the dog barks with a lisp.”
  • “pupiesth arwe couute”

Fortunately, most of the commentary is civilized (and I count among the civilized those who are pondering whether, had there been no surgery, Red could have reproduced by parthenogenesis; yes, I presume that most who read this blog know that that’s not possible, but a good number of non-assholes might not.) 

And, also fortunately, Red found a home.


if I can just get my non-intersex, Pomeranian-Yorkie (Porkie) mix to shut up!

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