Shrivelled Logic

Ah yes…

The Shrivel of today:

Now, The Shrivel’s past:

Students For Life President Andrew Shirvell, an LSA senior, said although his group believes scientists should do everything they can to relieve suffering, using embryos should not be practiced in research.

“The group agrees that we”re opposed to the leftover embryos from in vitro fertilization being used for research,” Shirvell said.

He said his group believes an embryo should have the same rights as a developed human.

“Just because they”re frozen doesn”t mean they”re any less of a human being,” Shirvell said.

Shirvell said Students For Life stands by research crediting adult stem cells with as much potential in research as embryonic stem cells.

“If adult stem cells are as effective as embryonic stem cells why not just use the adult stem cells? We”re opposed to embryonic stem cell research. We oppose anything that would end human life artificially,” Shirvell said.

So, from August of 2001, we see that he’s a proponent of the adult stem cell fraud as well as a ‘fertilized egg = human being”-er.

So he’s pro-life, eh?

Not when it comes to the possibility of getting a chance to kill adults.

Michigan’s general prohibition of the death penalty does contribute to the building-up of a real Culture of Life in this State.  But such a culture will not be destroyed if Michigan were to one day enact capital punishment in limited circumstances because executing convicted criminals is not an intrinsically evil act, unlike the legal execution of innocent, unborn children via abortion.  

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more!


I also suggest that he whineth no more about free spech rights given that he clearly has not had his interfered with in any way – even though he has a wee bit of a problem seeing things that wub his wittle feewings the wrong way.  From 2005:

Members of a local student-oriented Catholic parish received an email last week urging them to boycott the New York Pizza Depot on East William Street because of a gay pride rainbow sicker on its front door.

The sticker has upset some people, including Andrew Shirvell, an NYPD customer and member of St. Mary’s Student Parish, located down the street from NYPD.

Shirvell, a University alumnus and former president of Students for Life, said the sticker is offensive because it endorses homosexuality instead of simply tolerating it.

“I find the rainbow flag offensive because it is a symbol of the homosexual movement that, in my opinion, indicates a validation of the homosexual lifestyle, as opposed to a sign that indicates ‘openness’ to customers who are of the homosexual orientation,” he said.

Apparently, The Shrivel also is offended by accuracy.  From that same article:

After Shirvell saw the sticker, he asked one of the owners why it was on the door. Shirvell said Maurice Grillo, one of the owners at NYPD, told him that an incident of some sort involving the gay community “forced his hand.”

Last week Shirvell sent an e-mail to members of St. Mary’s Student Social Justice Ministry, asking them to persuade Grillo to take the sticker down. Shirvell wrote in the e-mail that he may not eat at NYPD because it is “time to take a stand. Otherwise this type of intimidation of small business owners and their customers will never end.” Shirvell encouraged others to call or visit NYPD’s owners and ask them to remove the sticker.

Shirvell said he was led to believe that Grillo “had to put up the rainbow flag decal in order to appease the homosexuals who frequented NYPD on Friday nights” after leaving Necto nightclub on Liberty Street. Shirvell said Grillo told him he hoped the sticker would come down in a few weeks, but declined to give details about the alleged incident.

Grillo said in an interview that he was never pressured to hang the sticker on his door by anyone and that Shirvell may have misunderstood what he told him.

“It was just a decision,” Grillo said. “There was absolutely no pressure whatsoever. I just felt like it was the right thing to do. If we feel like taking it down — we will.”

John Pelemaco, a manager at NYPD, said a previous incident played a role in the posting of the sticker. According to Pelemaco, though he was not at the restaurant on the night the alleged controversy ensued, to his understanding there was a conflict between a gay clubgoer and someone at the restaurant that resulted in the former being offended.

Pelemaco said he believed hanging the sticker was a way for NYPD to make peace and ensure that no members of the gay community feel ostracized or offended.

I might not have included that part if The Shrivel was a member of some church that did not have a 2000-year record of intimidating governments, businesses and individuals into doing things Joe the Rat’s way.  But, as they (or, well, I) say: If you lay down with inquisitors, you’re liable to wake up with an iron maiden. 

C’est la vie!

Of course,I do want to be fair to the specific catholic parish to which The Shrivel belonged at that time, because apparently The Shrivel either was speaking only for himself or, at the very least, not for the parish.

“I was solely acting in my capacity as a parishioner of St. Mary’s in communicating to my fellow parishioners what was going on, again, since many St. Mary’s parishioners frequent NYPD after weekend masses,” Shirvell said.

“In my e-mail, I in no way indicated that I spoke on behalf of the parish or any of its ministries, including the Student Social Justice group.”

Pat Waters, operations director and pastoral associate for St. Mary’s Student Parish, said St. Mary’s does not discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Catholics.

Waters said that Shirvell does not have any official status as a spokesman for the church and that Shirvell’s view on this matter is in opposition to the majority of the parish.

Waters added that of the people he had spoken to about Shirvell’s statements, he could not find many who agreed with him.

“Most of the people — at least of the people I’m at work with — more were outraged and indignant about (Shirvell’s) posture than (the sticker itself),” he said.

Grillo said that, despite the controversy over the sticker, he felt some people were inflating the matter to serve their own political interests.

“I feel like everyone is just trying to make us the middle of a political issue,” Grillo said.

“All NYPD wants to do is make good food for the whole community,” he added.


I bet that all Chris Armstrong wants to do is go to school and serve as Michigan’s Student Body president without being terrorized by a deranged, closet-case alumnus whose very presence on the staff of Michigan’s top law enforcement official calls into question the degree to which any non-heterosexual person within the boundaries of the state of Michigan can count upon their constitutional rights to even be acknowledged, much less enforced.


What does Half-Term Paul Scott, now merely a candidate for relection to his Michigan House seat, have to say about The Shrivel’s presence in a state law enforcement position?  Inquiring people-who-have-actually-read-the-Fourteenth-Amendment want to know.

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