A Question For The Obviously-Closeted-Homosexual Eric Cantor

And its not regarding him being one of the most obviously gay men ever to be in Congress.  Rather its about his sickening opportunism-cum-attempt-to-con-people-into-believing-that-teabaggers-aren’t-neo-Nazis.

From Lez Get Real:

Rich Iott decided to go on CNN and denounce Eric Cantor over the House Minority Whip’s denouncement of him on FOX. The man who use to enjoy dressing up in an SS uniform was none to pleased to see Cantor- who is Jewish- come out and condemn the supposed educational value of whitewashing Nazi history to not include things like the division that Iott and his buddies were busy reenacting was linked to the notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Iott even went on to insult Cantor by attacking him as a -GASP- Democrat!Iott stated “I think that Representative Cantor did what so many career politicians do. He reacted before he had all the facts. He didn’t know the whole story. He didn’t understand what historical reenacting is all about, or the education side of it. And he just made a decision without all the facts. My opponent here is cut out of the same cloth. Those are the people who passed the health care bill before they knew what was in it. The same folks who passed the stimulus bill…”

Of course, Iott wants to claim that his ‘hobby’ of dressing up like an SS officer has educational value:

“The purpose of historical reenacting is not to glorify war, necessarily, or the sides,” he said. “It’s to educate people. To learn about what happened. And to keep those memories alive, so we don’t let it happen again.”

He even went on to say “participating in historical reenactments, living history, is a much better way to get the message across” than other forms or education. “It’s a great outreach to the public.”

So, here’s the scoreboard:

  • Iott isn’t simply a WWII re-enactor; he’s a WWII re-enactor with a thing for playing Nazis.
  • Ms. Cantor tries to distance the party whose officeholders and candidates, if they were forced to take a lie detector test on the issue, would probably be shown to have even more of an affinity for Nazi policies than Iott.
  • Iott calls BS on the opportunism of Cantor.

On Eric Cantor…

Republican congress-oid…


You know?  The part of Virginia that didn’t stick with the United States during the Southern Slaveholder Terrorist Insurgency (sometimes referred to as the Civil War)?

Its time for Ms. Cantor to answer a question on the record: If doing WWII Nazi re-enactments in Nazi drag is a bad thing, what is your opinion of people who do Southern Slaveholder Terrorist Insurgency (sometimes referred to as the Civil War) Confederate re-enactments in Confederate drag?

Mengele is bad, but Dred Scott is okay?

Is that it?

Some teabaggers actually had relatives who fought for America in WWII even though they have no use for any of the groups of people who Hitler had no use for, but some of those same teabaggers would have fought against America in the Southern Slaveholder Terrorist Insurgency (sometimes referred to as the Civil War), still think that the Confederates were right and won’t vote for anyone who thinks otherwise so you’re damn sure not going to alienate any of them?

Is that it?

Yeh – I thought so

3 Responses to A Question For The Obviously-Closeted-Homosexual Eric Cantor

  1. Joe Blow says:

    Is eric cantor a FUDGE PACKER ???

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