Christianists Will Do Anything To Demonize Women

…including blaming female children (and fetuses) for breaking up relationships and inhibiting the creation of new marriages.

Not only did researchers find that couples with sons are more likely to stick together, unmarried pregnant couples were more likely to have shotgun weddings if the baby was going to be a boy and divorced mothers of boys are more likely to remarry and stay remarried.

Now, the mere fact that a set of stats shows that is one thing. 

But this stat-fact is being touted by the christofascist melange of mouthpieces known as the Alliance Defense Fund – as part of its ‘DOMAWatch‘ website (the place where all of the christofascists who seemingly believe that all of the world’s problems will be magically solved if, only somehow, same-sex couples are prevented from marrying, house links to the pseudo-science and non-news that allows them to give themselves perpetual reacharounds.) 

Does this, in their view, justify abortion?  Female infanticide?

After all, to hear these clowns tell it, marriage is the foundation of our society and must be ‘protected’ at all costs from, well, everything….

Inquiring people who see actual causal connections want to know.

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