Jumbo Shrimp, Military Intelligence, Compassionate Conservative and Liberal Media

Bad news: Jonathan Capehart didn’t get a self-loathing co-author credit.

On the bright side, look at (just a sampling of) the comments:

  • Seriously Sally Quinn!? You published this pile of hate-filled lies and crap from the world’s biggest gay basher? What? Not enough kids killing themselves? Not enough gay men and women being physically attacked on our streets? Not enough kids in school being bullied mercilessly because they are gay or even perceived as gay? The Post should be ashamed of itself for allowing this screed
  • Homophobia is STILL the biggest threat to the mental health of our gay brothers and sisters.
  • A rash of gay suicides and the “Christian” responses of Paladino, soon and future “Prophet” Boyd K. Packer and car salesman Perkins. More proof poor old Jesus was hijacked by KKKarl Rove and is still held hostage by the teabaggers.
  • Will the Washington Post give equal time to an expert on the ‘christian reich”, who can point out their hypocrisy, greed, blind-hatred, incitement to violence, mental and spiritual anguish, bullying of children, serial lying and 13th century mentality?
    If so, try contacting the South Poverty Law Center for starters, here’s the link in case you don’t know how to search the web!
  • A rash of gay teen suicides, and on National Coming Out Day the Washington Post has to print this man’s garbage. Is this a newspaper? Really? There is not a single solitary fact in this man’s rant that withstands even casual fact-checking. But there you are, throwing it in the faces of gay kids and their parents in the middle of a rash of suicides as though you check your conscience at the door every day you come to work. The Advocate is reporting this morning that another gay teen has killed themselves. A young girl who went to school there in Washington D.C., at Howard University. How much more of this kind of poison are you going to passively feed your community? It’s one thing to report on what people like Perkins are saying about gay people, it’s another to keep your readers in the dark about his dishonesty. Is this a newspaper or a trash talking tabloid? Are your journalists or gossip columnists?
  • Could we PLEASE change the name of this article to: “HERE IS WHY KIDS ARE KILLING THEMSELVES: WHY IGNORANCE, HATE, AND RELIGIOUS “MORALS” KILL  Tony Perkins you are disgusting.
  • Oh, as another commenter noted, do check out the fact-checking at http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/2010/10/11/27215, which shows that Perkins’ citations (via links) actually contradict the points that he’s trying to make. Doesn’t the Post do fact-checking any more? or has Perkins repeated his lies so many times that they actually sound true by now?
  • I can’t believe the Wash Post published this garbage. What’s next, an op ed about the smaller brain sizes of black people or one claiming that Jews use the blood of childen in ritual sacrifices?
  • Happy National Coming Out Day! Hey look! The Post is celebrating by letting Tony Perkins reprint his homophobic hate speech for the 10,000th time! Hey Mister Perkins: I like this idea about reviving Biblical tradition. Especially in the Great Recession, shouldn’t we allow fathers to sell their daughters into slavery again? Yes, yes, as long as she’s at least 12 years old. Wouldn’t want to suffer that punishment! (cf. Exodus)
  • If you’re Gay:
    You can’t get legally married.
    You can’t even get a “civil union.”
    You can’t adopt children.
    You can’t serve in the military.
    You shouldn’t be protected by “hate crimes” laws.
    You shouldn’t even be protected from job discrimination based on your sexual orientation. But remember: It’s only because Tony Perkins LOVES you!

On the day after the 1972 Miami Dolphins retained their ‘only unbeaten team’ status for another year, I think we have something as astounding as 17-0: a comment section on an piece of shit like what Perkins pinched off with absolutely no positive comments (at least as of when I checked around 12:30 CDT.)  It looks to be a hundred or so comments, by people all at least as horrified at the Washington Post Joke as those whose comments I’ve quoted above.

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