It Depends on What the Definition of “Better” Is – Part 2

As a follow up to the post in which I reprinted something that Sarah DePalma wrote late in 1998 I wanted to add this:

In her piece, Sarah mentioned an upcoming Texas TG Lobby Day.

The date had already been set, but no one could have known that far in advance that the then-governor of Texas (I forget his name) would decide to give his ‘State of the State’ address that same day.  Unlike national State of the Union addresses, state versions typically occur during the day.

The lobby day overall was a success (to the degree that such in Texas in 1999 could have been), but when the time came for the address (11 am I think it was) everyone in the various legislative offices advised us to ust go ahead and wander over to the House chamber, because no one of any consequence would be in any of the offices while Gov. Whoeverthehellhewas was yakking and, well, the whole thing was a bit of a spectacle; if we were there, we might as well sit in.

Which most of us did….

I just happened to have my Canon AE-1 with me.

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