Ken Buck – Rapists’ Best Friend (Friend to Women? Hmmmm…Not So Much)

Everyone – no matter who you are – should always be wired when talking to anyone who thinks he is worthy to make decisions about our lives and our government.

Luckily, someone was wired whilst talking to Kristianist Ken Buck a few years back:

When Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck refused to prosecute a rape case five years ago, he probably had no idea that anyone beyond a small circle of people would care.

He learned otherwise quickly enough as the victim demanded a meeting with him (which she secretly — but legally — taped), organized a protest and made sure the media knew all about her plight.

With any other victim, this case may have ended when Buck refused to charge the man with a crime.

This victim, though, has worked as a rape victims’ advocate, and she refused to let the matter drop. When her meeting with Buck got her nowhere, she organized a protest rally at the DA’s office. She spoke with the media. Buck was forced to respond.

He said the facts in the case didn’t warrant prosecution. “A jury could very well conclude that this is a case of buyer’s remorse,” he told the Greeley Tribune in March 2006. He went on to publicly call the facts in the case “pitiful.”

If he had handled it with a little more sensitivity, the victim, who does not want her name used, says it is possible she may have accepted the decision and moved on. But Buck’s words — as much as his refusal to prosecute — still burn in her ears.

It wasn’t just his public remarks that infuriated the woman. In the private meeting, which she recorded, he told her, “It appears to me … that you invited him over to have sex with him.”

He also said he thought she might have a motive to file rape charges as a way of retaliating against the man for some ill will left over from when they had been lovers more than a year earlier. Buck also comes off on this tape as being at least as concerned with the woman’s sexual history and alcohol consumption as he is with other facts of the case.

What might that alleged “ill will” have involved?

Might it be one of Kristianist Ken’s other theocratic pet projects?

The suspect in this case had claimed that the victim had at one point a year or so before this event become pregnant with his child and had an abortion, which she denies, saying she miscarried. The suspect’s claim, though, is in the police report, and Buck refers to it as a reason she may be motivated to file charges where he thinks none are warranted.

“When he talks about the abortion as the reason she wants charges filed, that has nothing to do with the law or this case,” Forseth says. “That is his personal bias coming into play. He’s bringing his own personal beliefs and judgments to bear on this case, when he should be acting as a victim’s advocate.”

Buck’s problems connecting with women voters in the Senate race likely began with his support for Amendment 62, the Personhood Amendment, which would make even some common forms of birth control illegal.

Hey Colorado!  Avoid “buyer’s remorse” in November and don’t even think about voting for Kristianist Ken (or for making globs of four cells equal to corporations live human beings.)

One Response to Ken Buck – Rapists’ Best Friend (Friend to Women? Hmmmm…Not So Much)

  1. Nancy-Jo Morris says:

    I agree that no Progressive, Equality-minded individual ought to vote for Ken Buck. Clearly Michael Bennet, in this race, is our better choice for Senator. (At least he can be reasoned with – and has supported LGBT rights when properly educated about the issues). But here’s another insight into this heated campaign in Colorado:

    At least one major force in the fray has already turned against Mr. Buck. Bob Enyart, the rabidly-extremist pastor of Denver Bible Church who is a major engine driving the Amendment 62 / Personhood Movement, has openly opposed him because he apparently is not radical enough (?) for Far Right absolutist consumption! See this story at Enyart’s radio talk show site right here:

    A more credible source is here at the Denver Post “American Right to Life yanks Buck endorsement”:

    So it appears that even when a proponent of Ayatollah-style legislation wavers just a bit at one point, some of the Faithful will instantly excommunicate them! That is very good news for LGBT-friendly candidates and initiatives, when it comes to November’s elections.

    Nancy-Jo Morris
    Colorado Springs

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