Looks Like Fox ‘News’ Isn’t the Only Place Where Facts Are Optional (and Definitely Not Preferred)

If the Democrats can’t manage to cash this in and shove it down the Repubicans’ throats on election day, then maybe they – along with HRC – should just put themselves out of our misery. 

From Crooks and Liars:

Gee. This doesn’t sound like a matter of “sloppy paperwork”, does it?

TAMPA — Some employees of Florida’s largest “foreclosure mill” were given jewelry, cars and houses from the firm, in exchange for altering and forging key documents used to obtain foreclosures, according to a statement released today by the Florida Attorney General’s Office.

The office released transcripts of two interviews it conducted for its investigation into the law offices of David J. Stern.

The sworn statements were from Kelly Scott, a former employee of Stern’s and Mary R. Cordova, a former employee of G&Z, a process server used by Stern’s office. The women’s testimonies appear to back up that of former Stern’s employee Tammie Lou Kapusta, whose statement was released last week. The three statements paint a picture of a secret system designed to speed up the foreclosure process. Attorneys and staff members forged signatures, changed dates, passed around notary stamps, the women say in interviews with attorney general’s staff.

Of course, as it is I’m barraged with flashbacks of Jon Lovitz – in character as Michael Dukakis in faux debate with Dana Carvey’s Daddy Dubya – asking incredulously, “I’m losing to this guy?”

Of course, the real Dukakis did lose.

I have a feeling that on election night I’ll be channeling the spirit of Lloyd Bridges and remarking that I picked the wrong century to stop drinking again.

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