The Crisis in the Mirror

Another day, another nausea-inducing waste of bandwith from the Gay Greed Machine.



I’m not sure where to start – but, in light of yet another christianist campaign against a trans-inclusive civil rights law featuring anti-trans rhetoric that could have been yanked off of Barney Frank’s bed, lets start with this:

These groups do real damage with these comments, but hearing the same hate spouted from elected leaders – and seeing it in legislation like a federal ban on marriage equality – is even more dangerous.


Lets play with that just a little, shall we?  FRC?  Mormonism, Inc.?

These groups do real damage with these comments, but hearing the same hate spouted from unelected-yet-MSM-friendly gay leaders – and seeing it embodied in legislation like 2007’s ENDA 3685 – is even more dangerous.

Yes Pee Wee, your organization’s years of disgusting, transphobic intransigence on ENDA (which, even though the ‘approved’ trans voices will not admit, are still on the upward count; you do not get to count a Congress with no ENDA at all – which is what the current one is – as a Congress in which you supported a trans-inclusive ENDA and did not renege on said support) is substantively no different than the suicide-countenancing of the christianists.  For trans people’s real lives, they have the same effect: approval of murder-by-societal-starvation.


Why not go for $250 Mil?

Its all going to go for the administrative expenses of putting out that e-mail anyway, right?  Administrative expenses like the meth champagne tab at this year’s HRC DC gang-reach-around, purchasing lifetime supplies of platinum-plated rubbers and re-upholstering all of the ostrich-skin toilets in the HRC executive suite, right?

Radical conservatives take over Washington?

Are you serious?

How about ‘a small cadre of radical, tax-break-addled, homosexual millionaire assimilationists take over a movement that was supposed to be about the legitimate needs of a largely-working-class, oppressed minority’?

That way you could at least say that something you’ve said isn’t a lie.

With apoligies to Bob Dylan, Pee Wee, all the money you con LGBT people into giving you will never buy back your soul – or your legitimacy.

LGBT people will never be free until HRC ceases to exist.

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