Only Because You Made It So, You Bloated Old Transphobic Trainwreck

St. Barney, of course:

Facing his hardest reelection effort next week, openly gay Congressman Barney Frank came on the show this afternoon (full audio below).

He said President Obama “hasn’t handled this well,” and that he’s “been disappointed,” referring to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” debacle. He said he urged the president at a campaign stop in Massachusetts last week not to appeal Judge Virginia Phillips’ ruling and injunction ending DADT, arguing that this is a different case than most laws which the administration must defend. Frank believes the president should drop the appeal, especially if Obama does not get a vote in the Senate in the lame duck session of Congress.

On the Employment Non-Discrimination ACT (ENDA), which activists have been promised a vote on for over a year, Frank said the health care bill took up time, then DADT came up, and added also that “the transgender issue is a very difficult issue.”

Uh huh…

Only because you’ve spent the better part of the last two decades doing everything you can to transfer the gaze of hetero American bathroom paranoia away from what many gay men  actually do in public men’s restrooms to what you want bathroom-paranoid hetero America to think that the mythological Viagra-pumped, predatory transsexual woman of St. Barney’s wet rhetorical dreams does in public women’s restrooms.

Tell me…how does it work?  When St. Barney waves the trans-woman-bathroom-bloody-shirt, does Lou Sheldon get a royalty?  Or does St. Barney get an honorarium when Lou Sheldon does it?  And does St. Mara get her cut in either instance?  I lose track.

If only one Democrat loses next week, I hope its St. Barney.

When he was elected to Congress in 1980, he said he’d be happy if he could stay there for thirty years.

Do the math, Mass 4th – and make St. Barney go find a real job.

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