Reality Bites and Gnaws…

Crooks and Liars sums up what the angry, FOX-ignorant-ed masses are about to do:

Besides being completely incoherent in their politics–wanting to have government out of Medicare, supporting tax cuts for the very wealthiest, adding billions of dollars to the deficit and yet, clutching pearls over the deficit, supporting the party that actually grew the size of the government while decrying the size of the government–tea bagging supporters of these upstart candidates think they’re bringing in new thinking and new way of doing business in Washington DC.


Those entrenched, establishment Repubicans will put their entrenched, establishment lobbyists and staffers in the offices of any tea bagger who quixotically wins a seat. And those staffers, don’t kid yourself, will make sure that nothing changes.

Along those lines, I renew my prediction: Joe Solmonese will exit HRC (with a Goldman Sachs-ish Dolce and Gabana parachute) and will be replaced by Ken Mehlman.

2 Responses to Reality Bites and Gnaws…

  1. Kathy says:

    He’ll probably end up at some influence peddling shop like Alston & Bird – working on the next failed Dubai Port Deal. And bringing Bob Dole his morning “vitamins”.

    Though he could end up at Susan Molinari’s shop.

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