Misdemeanor? More Like Miss-da-point

From Raw Story:

A volunteer for Rand Paul’s Senate campaign has been charged with misdemeanor assault after being filmed stomping on a progressive activist’s head during a debate, Kentucky news sources report.

Timothy Profitt of Bourbon County, Kentucky, has admitted to being the person seen stomping on MoveOn activist Lauren Valle’s head and shoulder as she tried to hand Paul a mock award.

Profitt will appear in front of a judge on Nov. 18 to face fourth-degree assault charges, reports the Lexington Herald-Leader. He faces a maximum 12-month prison sentence or $500 fine.

Actually, the Lexington paper clarifies the sentence possibilities:

Fourth-degree assault carries a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail, a $500 fine or a combination of both.

Oh, well that makes me feel better. 


Brownshirt Bubba could still get off with a fine lower than what my partner and I spent on our take-out Chinese lunch today.

Good thing Profitt isn’t African-American and wasn’t wearing gold chains and a LeBron jersey, eh?  Unless, of course, the video of the incident is, I dunnow, played backwards?

One Response to Misdemeanor? More Like Miss-da-point

  1. Kathy says:

    His victim should really apologize for how cramped his cell will be.

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