Thank Frank

From an editorial in today’s Bay Area Reporter:

The main stumbling blocks in passing ENDA are the issues of which bathroom transgender people will use and the false assumption that transgender women will accost other women, two absolutely ridiculous obsessions that the far right has seized on, and that our national LGBT leaders have wanted to ignore rather than confront.

How about being a bit more accurate and acknowledging that it is something that ‘our leaders’ – one in particular – helped to create?  Trans women in the women’s restrooms have long been to Barney Frank what Chris Armstrong is to Andrew Shirvell.  The fact that Lou Sheldon,, have now taken the Barney’s ball and run with it is not irrelevant to the problem that needs to be overcome but it is derivative, not primary.   Perhaps the only real success that Frank can point to in his undeservedly-long tenure in Congress is managing to turn the public gaze of disgust away from what many gay men actually do in public toilets – and in public sans toilet- to what no trans woman has ever done in a toilet or a shower.

Beware a quick bait-and-switch during the upcoming lame duck session of Congress.  Whilst everyone is  monitoring the DADT repeal, it would not surprise me if someone tried to sneak through an ENDA amendment on some bill.

And the expediency in the air should tell you all you would need to know about what kind of ENDA it would be.

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