America: The (Dis)Infomercial

‘Amazing Discoveries’ indeed…

from Cliff Schechter:

It’s amazing what can happen [ ] when you have a Democratic president who doesn’t live up to many of his core progressive promises, who blames his base for asking him to, and whose communications people, to quote Democratic National Committeeman and CNN Contributor Robert Zimmerman, “… couldn’t sell cocaine to Charlie Sheen.”

Of course, we now – or, at least will come Jan. 3 – know for sure:

[A]n American public tired of being unemployed, scared about their future, and looking for some kind of leadership, handed over the US House – in stunning fashion – to a coterie of cranks who have to put corks on the end of their forks not to jab their own eyes while eating. Think Steve Martin’s Ruprecht from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and you get the basic picture of some of the Tea Party proxies we elected to Congress last week.

May I use the bathroom now?

Thank you.

BTW – following John Roberts’ lead, I’ll wipe my ass with (what’s left of) the Constitution.

One Response to America: The (Dis)Infomercial

  1. TransGriot says:

    Oh yeah…what did Junior call it? ‘A goddamned scrap of paper.

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