In the Houston Chronk, Ken Gurley implores:

My response?  Tell them to buck up and reconsider their CHOICE of having thrown in with a multi-level criminal conspiracy that, over the course of 2,000 years, has persecuted at least ten times that many people (and I’ll play nice and not mention the people that christians have just flat-out murdered for daring not to be christian or making the mistake of not seeing see eye-to-eye with whatever capo might have been forced on their village at any given point in time.)

Witness the recent slaying of Christians in Baghdad.


If Bill Hicks were still alive, I think he’d revamp his ‘Officer Coon Has Big Balls’ routine to cover an American clown who has stones of sufficient mass to say anything about the number of ‘christians’ in harms way in Baghdad after his nation’s minions – many of whom with uncut Franklin Graham-ism pulsing through their veins and the needle marks to prove it – did their dispatchin’ best throughout Iraq for the true almighty: the dollar.

This Sunday is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  Say a prayer for those Christians who stand against great opposition to proclaim their faith and to worship their God.  They are your brothers and sisters.

In a word: No.

There is no such thing as a persecuted church.  If one religion is acting violently against another it is only preventing (even if unintentionally) the acted-upon church from doing exactly what is being done to it, just against some even-more-defenseless third party.

There is no such thing as a persecuted church – only people who are persecuted by churches (and mosques, et. al.) and those doing  their bidding.

They ARE the persecutors – ALL of  them.

Deal with them accordingly.

One Response to Uhhh….No

  1. libhomo says:

    The slaying of Christians in Iraq is an interesting. Fundamentalist Christians were the biggest voting block in favor the Iraq War that lead to the slaying.

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