Judges and Torquemada-Wannabees

I’m sure that by now most folks have heard about Vicky Kolakowski’s election to a judgeship in Alameda County California:


LGBT groups such as Equality California and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund had made electing Kolakowski a top priority in last week’s elections. For the transgender community, whose interactions with the justice system oftentimes are negative experiences, it is a particularly significant win.

“Vicky’s win is just incredibly historic for us as an LGBT community. She is the first out transgender trial judge in the United States,” said Transgender Law Center Executive Director Masen Davis. “The fact she won shows we are at a place where people can judge someone by what they bring to the table as entire people as professionals.”


Today Mayor Parker announced her associate municipal judge appointments, and one is longtime transgender activist Phyllis Frye. Frye becomes the first transgender judge in Texas and only the third in the country.

You can find the video of the Houston City Council ceremony here (BTW, for those not familiar with her, in the image snap above, Phyllis is not the woman directly in front; she’s the one wearing the red jacket.)

Of course, the illegitimately-tax-free, Taliban-in-waiting crowd has to use their illegitimate tax-free elite status to worm their way into the discussion (via Fox ‘news’ – naturally – stenographers for everything and everyone attempting to usher in christianism-saturated neo-plutocracy) of who is allowed to “handle mostly traffic tickets and violations of city ordinances on a part time basis”:

Hundreds of area pastors say Houston Mayor Annise Parker is pursuing a personal and radical agenda at City Hall.They’re not happy with one of the mayor’s appointments.

The Houston Area Pastoral Council, which represents about 300 churches, has a big problem with the appointment. Executive Director Dave Welch says for years Frye has been undermining Texas marriage laws. He says the appointment confirms Mayor Parker, who is openly gay, is making her lifestyle a central part of her policy agenda.

“This is not just a benign act. This is someone (Frye) who is very well known as an aggressive activist on sexual diversity issues and very much against the mainstream of most of the people….As we all know municipal court judges are the first step in the elevation of different judgeships. They typically go on to civil district court judges or family court judges and beyond, so this is not a benign appointment. It’s a statement. It really is. We’ll be calling on the churches to stand up and be involved,” said Welch.

Memo from Real America to Dave and other christianist tax-cheat welfaremongers:  Stop “undermining” America’s financial stability and start paying the taxes on your hate-propagation businesses.  THEN, you can participate in government.  No special rights for christianists!

One Response to Judges and Torquemada-Wannabees

  1. Kathy says:

    Congrats to both Judge Frye & Judge Kolakowski.

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