Kate Bornstein, You’re Fired

Kate has, over the years, had some good things to say, some not-so-good things to say and some downright wacky things to say.  I’m okay with most of each – after all, contrary to the well-telegraphed beliefs of America’s creeping christianist plutocracy, there actually is such a thing as freedom of speech.

However, just as her freedom of speech includes being provocative on trans issues and just as my freedom of speech includes the right to point out that people such as Michael Bailey and Alice Dreger are fraudmeisters and  just as my freedom of speech includes the right to point out that neither HRC nor NCTE actually speak for any trans people other than the token few that have been consecrated via paycheck by those ‘organizations’, I have the right both to opine that Kate Bornstein has forfeited the right to speak for anyone other than herself and to suggest that, if she actually does care about the future of the trans community, she act accordingly.   From EDGE, word that Kate is on the verge of becoming the David Irving of our ongoing incremental holocaust by spouting to the ever-so-eager-to-balance-out-any-position media – even LGBT media – that trans people:

are not of one mind on TDOR.

Well-known activist Kate Bornstein told the Windy City Times earlier this week she views TDOR as “problematic because it’s so concerned with death and despair”. Bornstein and others argue advocates should use Nov. 20 as an opportunity to celebrate trans lives and the community’s resilience.

Someone who makes money off of suicide – which, lets get real, is what peddling an anti-suicide book actually is (after all, if there was no such thing suicide, she’d have had to earn those bucks doing something else) – is telling everyone else (including those who haven’t been privileged with book deals) that, if we fend off suicidal thoughts only to get murdered by some closet case who can’t deal with his own sexual thoughts, we should be forgotten by those who are left behind ahd who are so into survival mode – nibbling the corporate pabulum and chasing the putple-n-yellow carrot – that we don’t see the next closet case who can’t deal with his own sexual thoughts creeping up behind us.

Kate Bornstein, you’re fired.

One Response to Kate Bornstein, You’re Fired

  1. Kathy says:

    Sure ’cause, you know – grieving is just so depressing.

    Let’s have a corpse party!

    Yay!!!!Buy my book!!!!

    “I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. De Mille”

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