Thinking People Know What Threatens Children…And it Ain’t Gay Marriage

Who writes these guys’ material…Bruce Vilanch?

Bruce Vilanch on acid?

From the Catholic Weekly (

Allowing two men or two women to ‘marry’ would involve a fundamental change in our understanding of marriage, from a life-giving and sexually complementary union to a personal, romantic relationship with no true communion or connection to procreation, says Bishop Julian Porteous, auxiliary Bishop of Sydney.

But creating a self-perpetuating, pedophilia-based secret society that is all but immune from the law doesn’t constitute a fundamental change in what civilized human beings expect from people who claim to be emissaries of morality?

“It will entrench, in a public way, the separation of sexuality from its life-giving aspect and separate the notion of marriage from including the generation of children,” he said.

Yes, we all know how much you unmarried sexual terrorists care about children…

and what you care about doing to with them.

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